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Letter from the editor: Chapter February

Welcome to the first Letter from the Editor of 2016. I’ve been thinking of February as the real kick-off of the new year. January is usually more of a ‘trial month’; a time to process everything that has happened in the previous year and gear up for a big new one.

February is the time to get ready and get excited for everything that’s to come in the new year. I love this new Letter from the Editor as a way to start each month, because it’s a one-on-one conversation about where I stand personally and about everything that is making us cheerful at Chapter Friday.

What will Chapter Friday focus on in February? Clearly it’s a month of fresh, new energy and of connection. Next to the inspiration we always try to offer in the area of career, fashion and creativity, we’ll focus on love and connection in the broadest sense.

You’ll read a love letter to Mondays, we’ll talk about dating in your twenties (in a big city, no less), we’ll round up our favourite hotspots in Amsterdam for a (first) date, and you’ll see the items in my wardrobe that I love the most.

A month based on some good old romanticism, wouldn’t be complete (or as FUN!) without including you. The readers I love and hold so close to my heart. As we speak, we’re finalising the details on a BIG, beautiful gift series.

That’s right! I’m saying 14 days of insane give-aways, starting on Valentine’s Day, that we’ve dubbed Yara’s Favourite Things (Oh hi Oprah!). They include a gorgeous designer bag by Furla, bedding by Crisp Sheets, jewelry by Anna + Nina and so, so much more.

Of course, in conclusion, the most important and long-lasting relationship is the one you have with yourself. How to stay focussed on your own path? How to love yourself when you feel like you’re failing? I don’t think I have the answers to everything, but I look forward to talking about all of this with you smart, strong, funny women.

Now I’m off to listen Love Yourself by the Biebs. See you in a new Letter from the Editor in March!

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    heb nu al zin gekregen in alle komende artikelen deze maand!

    Love this idea for the Letter from the editor .

    Can’t wait to read all your new content ;)

    February is also the fashion month , fashion weeks are almost here :)

    True that Giada! Looking forward to all the fashion extravagance, too :]

    I like your blog!! and I love your photos!!

    That’s so sweet, thank you Carol! And Vero! X

    Love the editor’s letter!
    I can’t wait for the month now and dive in with the team.


    so beautiful!!

    Thanks! :]

    Love the idea of a letter from the editor! Can’t wait to see the Amsterdam hotspot :)

    Working on that as we speak! Stay tuned! X

    February definitely has some very distinct and different vibes compared to other months! Everything new comes up and starts to settle so it’s a time for positivity as well as some anxieties (for me anyway!)
    Kyah / http://www.weekendtempo.com


    Leuke vooruitzichten. Het valt me op dat jullie vaak alleen hotspots in Amsterdam delen. Doen jullie dat bewust? What about all the other cities?


    Wat een super leuk artikel en prachtige foto!



    Thanks Nesrin!


    Krijgen we ook een foto van je tattoo te zien? Ben heel benieuwd!

    Lovely photo! I’m obsessed with your blog!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    Thank you dear Anika!

    Ja Februari is echt de tijd van een nieuw begin. Ik ben net begonnen met mijn nieuwe blog en samen met het nieuwe jaar geeft dat me echt energie en inspiratie. Wat ontzettend gaaf die 14 dagen van giveaways, I’m excited! :)

    Ha Charlotte, wat leuk van je blog! Nieuw jaar nieuwe kansen. Trouwens: nieuwe maand, nieuwe kansen. Zet ‘m op!
    Wij staat ook te trappelen van ongeduld wat betreft de giveaways! Stay tuned.


    erg leuk om zo een beeld te krijgen van de aankomende maand. Voor mij is januari ook een periode die snel gaat en naar dingen toe werkt. Februari is beter, ben ik jarig en hoop ik stiekem op een paar dikke winterdagen. Daarna fijn op naar de lente, hiep hoera voor februari.


    So funny. I’m listening to “Love Yourself” right now as I’m reading this. Such a great song.

    The idea of January as a trial month is something I’m beginning to love. Doesn’t put too much pressure on starting a new year off exactly as you think it should.


    Haha YES to Biebs.
    And you’re absolutely right!


    Love this idea of Letter from the Editor. I also think that having other bloggers incorporate this type of set up will help them to know what to publish to make their blogging a bit more cohesive. Absolutely love! Can’t wait to read the Feb posts.


    Thank you Cori! <3

    Really looking forward to the rest of year’s letters.
    P.S. Gorgeous smile and hair!


    Wat een leuk artikel. Instant feel good. Ben heel benieuwd naar de thema’s die worden besproken :-)

    Love you and love Chapter Friday <3

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

    Sending you some digital love, too!

    Ahhh zo’n fijn artikel dit! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar alles dat komen gaat. En je ziet er mooi uit, je straalt helemaal!

    Dankjewel! ^^


    aww you look so so pretty in this photos :) ok, you always do of course but I just love this photos :D

    So sweet! Thanks!

    Oeh I love this letter. Can’t wait to read them all! P.s. the photo is so pretty of you! What a lovely top :) Where is it from ?


    Thanks Mariska!
    It’s from & Other Stories :]


    Dát zijn heerlijke vooruitzichten, ik ben benieuwd naar de artikelen. Super tof om te zien hoe goed Chapter Friday loopt, ‘t is een heerlijke dosis inspo waar ik iedere dag wel even terugkeer. :D
    En wat een heerlijk printje draag je, Yara!

    xoxo, Flore.

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