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Hocus Focus: Chapter Friday Playlist

Deadline coming up? Or working on something highly important? Or just being busy as, eh, well: super busy? Don’t you go beserk here, support has arrived! Just press play and you’ll get the point. (O, and please do remember: Rome wasn’t built in one day either.)

Before taking off, here’s some additional Focus Music Guidance (in case you’re interested):
• The whole album of the film The Theory of Everything is so, SO good – film is too, by the way. In general: a lot of film music is very focus appropriate.
• Everything from Ludovico Einaudi, but Una Mattina in particular (on repeat!)
• Ever heard of the Mozart effect? The idea that if you listen to music composed by Mozart you’ll become more intelligent? Nonsense or not, putting it to the test won’t do you any harm, right?
• A lot of songs (if not all) by Affelaye are marvelous (when you have to focus, that is. If you want to dance instead, I suggest Footloose by Kenny Loggins).
• The scientific tip towards becoming relax and super calm: listen to the work of Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, his music is more likely to lower blood pressure than for example pop, rock or jazz. Here you’ll read why.

Okay, let’s get it on (no, not you Marvin Gaye).

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    Anne Belle

    JAAA Spotify Chapter Friday playlist! Would be amazing!

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    Ahh perfect! Ik was de naam van Jeroen Beving kwijt,dus ik ben hier super blij mee. + ♥ Coeur de Pirate, dat was alweer een tijdje geleden.

    So much on that list I love!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Awwww, loved seeing a brazilian artist in this mix! Vanessa is such a beautiful lady with a magnificent voice. Her new song, Passarinhos with a rapper called Emicida is just as nice!

    great post!


    This is a perfect mix of music! You should create a Spotify playlist!

    I think we should!

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