23 December 2015
Starting a new year with a clean slate: all-white interior inspiration

Aaah, a new year, almost! The perfect opportunity to reflect on what is and what isn’t working within your interior. Starting over fresh in 2016 is something we all aim for, so what better way to jumpstart January than with a calming, inspirational all-white interior post.

Why white?

A minimum of clutter
An all-white interior walks the fine line between serenity and sterile. Blank spaces welcome new interpretations, ideas and challenges. An all-white space stimulates your mind, so get ready for some awesome new years resolutions.

The perfect base
White is probably the most refreshing colour of the spectrum. It can evoke cleanliness, purity, and simple sophistication. Painting your room in a white base coat throughout, proves a clean palette for your wall art, curiosities and colourful items to shine. White creates a canvas for you to decorate in different ways all year around.

It makes the room feel big(ger)
White on white on white is about as crisp as it gets. White underlines that less is more, making your room feel bigger and more spacious.

What do you think of all-white interior styling for your home?

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