6 November 2015
What to do in Amsterdam this Fall?

The season for long strolls, cuddling and hot cinnamon tea is here. Fall is, of course, the perfect time of year to cuddle up on the couch, binge-watching your fave series (these are ours!) but when the sun comes out and temperatures are actually kind of nice, it’s up to you to make the most out of your weekends. Here’s what’s cooking in Amsterdam the coming weeks, enjoy!

Museumnacht Amsterdam (and other big cities)
When? November 7th (19:00 – 02:00h) Entrance fee: 18,50 euros
Visiting museums after closing time is not only something happening in films, this weekend more than 50 Amsterdam based museums are open from 7PM until 2AM for the annual Museum Night. Everyone is out on the streets and additional to all the exhibitions you get to enjoy DJ’s, film, special tours and snacks.
More info here

The Sixties exhibition at Tropenmuseum
When? from October 16th 2015 to March 13th 2016 Entrance fee: 8 euros
It’s a fact we build on the icons of yesterday. In the 1960s era, when globalization as we know it first appeared, thousands of youngsters traveled to the hippie capitals of the world – Amsterdam being on of them. This exhibition zooms in on fashion, design and living in the sixties. So much inspiration!
More info here

Local Goods Weekend Market at De Hallen
When? November 7th + 8th Entrance fee: free
Food, drinks, fresh flowers and locally produced gems. Local Goods is a tasty platform for local talent to introduce and sell their home-made products.
More info here

IJ-hallen flea market
When? November 14th + 15th Entrance fee: 5 euros
This supersize flea market is worth your 5 euro investment. You probably won’t leave the building empty handed, we speak from experience. CHAPTER FRIDAY’s Kelly will be selling half her wardrobe on Saturday (hall 2, come say hi!).
More info here

Avondmarkt at Amsterdam Roest
When? November 20th (17:00 – 01:00h) Entrance fee: free
Food trucks with the best food and market stalls with unique merchandise. Wine, swinging music and a beautiful shed where it all takes place. Yup, we’re in.
More info here

Amsterdam Light Festival
When? from November 28th 2015 to January 17th 2016 Entrance fee: free
Walking along the canals at night in the dark months of the year is an experience on itself, but in November the city transforms into ‘a city of light’ – a spectacle of light that’s best enjoyed bundled up, walking the special route that winds its way through the culturally rich neighborhoods.
More info here

Valhalla Festival at Amsterdam RAI 
When? December 19th (22:30 – 07:00h)Entrance fee: 52,50 euros
As the Valhalla organization describes the festival: ‘A winter extravaganza where an unimaginable reality will surprise you and where the conventional is challenged by the impossible.’ The designs are amazing and so is the crowd. Because you know, those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it…
More info here

A newly opened zen centrum – zentrum – for body and mind. Blue birds caters to the unique needs of nowadays society of busy bees by providing treatments, yoga courses and talks about healthy food. Their goal? In 90 minutes from stressed out to complete relaxation.
More details here

It’s definitely worth checking out the Paradiso agenda for the coming months! We name a Lianne La Havas, Andreas Moe, Bloc Party, José González… They will all be visiting Amsterdam the coming months. And what’s better than music that makes you happy? Right.
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