6 September 2015
How to make the most out of a small workspace

When you’re office is just slightly larger than a big broom closet, it can be hard to make the most out of your workspace. But with a little bit of creative thinking and a little help from Pinterest, you can create a cosy work spot where you can store all your office accessories at the same time.

1. Saw a few shelves at the same size of your desk (or bribe your boyfriend to do it for you: baking cakes in return usually does the trick) and hang them right above your table or secretary. If you work between your walls, wedge the shelves in between.
2. Use a pegboard as mood board, to collect cards, pretty pictures and other little lovely finds.
3. Use all the space underneath and behind your desk to the fullest: think cabinets and boxes.
4. With a pegboard, you can think of all kinds of different storage possibilities – especially if you practice a craft like making jewellery. IKEA has brilliant small vase holders that are great for storing tools, brushes and plants or flowers.

Images: Pinterest


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