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Fall in love: my fall first date looks

Fall is here! The season for cuddles, candles and eerrrmm… some charming company. Perhaps you’ve just gathered the courage to ask someone out, maybe you’re swiping to the right a bit more than usual – or maybe you’ve already fallen in love and snagged your dream guy (or gal).

Either way; a little variety in your date-dressing-game never hurts. In this post I’m showing you three first date ideas to wear in fall, styled with items that are all currently available in store at H&M and in the online shop. Affordable, effortless and afternoon-rendez-vous-approved!

My personal do’s and don’ts of date dressing
First let me just state that, obviously, there aren’t any rules when it comes to dressing for a date. The most important thing is feeling good and dressing for yourself, rather than trying to impress someone.

That being said, one of my absolute favourite parts of a first date is setting the mood by deciding what to wear. I’ll put on some music, call my best friend (we have a life line for the most random things) and head over to my closet to see what speaks to me.

On to those guidelines. When going on a date, this is what I usually remind myself of:

Find the right balance
I like to wear something that’s a bit different, but won’t go overboard. It’s all about striking the right balance. I’d wear a feminine skirt with a sweater, or pair leather trousers with an oversized white shirt. Pair something laid-back with something outspoken and special.

A first date isn’t really the time to experiment
A first date is new and exciting in itself. Play it somewhat safe wardrobe wise. Go with something you know is flattering and comfortable, rather than trying out a daring new trend. If you know your style and stick to it, it will say more about your personality as well.

Wear shoes you can actually walk in
Oh boy. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen girls wobbling on heels or pulling down tiny dresses on dates. If an outfit makes you feel uncomfortable, it instantly kind of loses it’s magic. Either wear heels that you know you can walk in or simply opt for cool flats. Case in point: the suede thigh-high boots I’m wearing are nearly flat. Low heel, big impact!

Go for something that pleases you
As with anything in life, and a date especially, it’s most important that you feel happy in your own skin. And in your second skin; yup, that would be your wardrobe. Dress for yourself, not for what you think your date is expecting. Someone should like you for you – whether old jeans or swirly dresses make you tick.

What it all boils down to, is wearing something that makes you look and feel like your most awesome. Because as they say, confidence never goes out of style.

Wearing all things H&M in these photos that were sheer joy to shoot with Emma Peijnenburg (just as Part 1! of this fun collab!) We’re curious to hear what look stands out most to you, and would love to know how you get ready for a first date!

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