At Home With 29 July 2015
At home with: actress and photographer Chloe

Meet Chloe Leenheer (26). She’s a dungaree devotee, loves cozying up on the couch under a blanket and feels right at home in Barcelona. Today, we’re invited into the 100 square meter apartment that Chloe shares with her boyfriend Soy (fun fact: they met on set of the theater spectacle WarHorse).

Honestly, we could have dedicated three posts to Chloe’s home (and style, and outlook on life) because every corner is deliberately styled.

Being an actress and photographer, where does she pick her unique interior finds to make this her dream home and what is her biggest interior wish? We met up at her home (we still can’t get over the fact how awesome it looks…) and found out!

Tell us about the house!
Chloe: “It’s in the West of Amsterdam and we moved in two months ago. A lot of stuff is still in boxes, but everything is coming together slowly but surely.”

What’s in those boxes?
Chloe: “I’m looking forward to unpacking some of the artwork and prints I’ve collected, because they add some spark to a room.”

How would you describe your interior style?
Chloe: “The house has an obvious bohemian signature, with warm elements, but the base is clean. We decided to paint the walls fresh and white and by the time we were done, everything else looks yellowish. So we also did the baseboards. And then we were like ‘Oh no! everything is white as a sheet, except for the ceiling.’ It felt like it was never going to end.”

What’s the first thing you do when you come home after a show?
Chloe: “Kick off my shoes and throw my stuff on the floor (sorry Soy). Having done that, put on some funky jazz or a singer-songwriter like Selah SueI’ll and make myself comfortable on the couch. If I’m in a happy mood, I’ll start a random party playlist. It usually results in me dancing on the couch.”

So is the couch your ultimate spot to hang out?
Chloe: “Well, not really. It’s brand new, so I haven’t had the time to thoroughly test it yet. I’m pretty bummed that it already has its first stain because of a falling cactus, ouch. For now, cocooning in my bedroom hammock always works.”

What are you currently saving up for?
Chloe: “I’m hoping to bump into a vintage marble coffee table in the near future.”

Your first ever interior buy?
Chloe: “The small wooden crocodile stool! I thought about it for months, but lacked the space for it in my old home. The minute I knew we got this house, I’m not even kidding, I ran to the store and bought it.

Two favourite vintage stores?
Chloe: “In Amsterdam, I buy a lot at Ari (Overtoom 532) and Weldaad (Noordermarkt 35).”

Most prized possessions?
Chloe: “Objects that I’ve collected from across the world have more meaning to me. I love traveling and get instant inspiration from different colours, buildings, people. I’ve brought home a ton of pillows and kelims from Maroc and I’ll never get rid of the wooden chest by my bed. It’s is at least 250 years old, and came all the way from the Czech Republic. Oh, and I’m proud of my Smeg fridge! I hugged it for an hour when it arrived.”

Next to travelling, do you find interior inspiration in other places?
Chloe: “I believe that the more you see, the more you’re able to develop a style of your own. Endless wandering on Instagram and Pinterest is so much fun for that. Another the get inspired is by visiting plays in local theaters. It broadens my view, and as soon as I get home I have a thousand new ideas on how to get creative.”

Your Instagram shortlist?
1. @majawyh
2. @art_for_breakfast
3. @tessguinery

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