AdvertorialDIY 27 July 2015
A big DIY party! Pimping bikes in the park

I truly believe that every day is a new opportunity to make life a little better. To leave the world a tiny bit brighter than you found it. Get what I mean?

So when I was approached by Lipton Ice Tea (which is my biggest guilty pleasure; I could drink that stuff for breakfast and regularly do. I even have a tiny fridge packed with just Ice tea green next to my desk. Big cans, packs, bottles. It’s getting out of hand.) how I’d brighten up the city, I basically had too many ideas.

We ended up deciding on one big project. You’ll see exactly how that went down (plus me riding a bike in micro shorts, woo hoo!) in the video. In short: my mission was to brighten the city a bit by pimping rides. Did you know there are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam? As a result they have a huge impact on the vibe of the city.

I wanted to create happy, printed, colourful bikes that – kind of like stars – spread a bit of brightness all over town as they move along.

Making life a bit happier, one day at a time! Which is why I’m pimping bikes in the park with Lipton Ice Tea. Baskets, flowers, tassels… See for yourself and tell me in the comments how you’d want to make everyday life a little brighter…!

Posted by CHAPTER FRIDAY on Monday, July 27, 2015


Yara’s Bike Pimping Street
On this sunny day, everyone got to pimp their ride, sit down and sip on some ice tea and a DJ blasting my fave R&B tunes. (Destiny’s Child is a surefire way to a good mood!). Wooden baskets, flowers, flames, tassels, flamingo stickers, rose gold bells and a coffee holder on your frame. See for yourself how we decked out these bikes and made Amsterdam a little brighter!

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    Hahaha wat een heerlijk feelgood filmpje Yara. Ik wil ook zo’n fiets! Leuke campagne :) ik word er blij van.

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