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Big summer cleaning part 2: getting your digital life organized

Sounds familiar? Photos and screenshots scattered on your desktop, programs that you no longer use, folders of which you have no clue what they contain. I used to be such a hot mess when it comes to my digital life and defended that by saying: That’s just how the creative process works!

All bullcrap, according to CHAPTER FRIDAY’s Marijn. I just needed to get smart and structured about it.

Previously, in collab with  Pure Leaf – which is brewed with real tea and hits the nail on the head for us ice tea lovers we zoomed in on getting close to our pure selves by cleaning up the CHAPTER FRIDAY office in a big way. I firmly believe that a cleaned up environment actually clears your head. At the office, our new thing is yelling ‘Pure meeee’ at each other whenever we’re cleaning up, but in all seriousness, this works. So, after we gave our workspace a clutter freeing treatment, today’s it’s our computers that are being soaked, scrubbed and cleaned!

Because I still have some big lessons to learn, I asked ever-so-organized Marijn to share her tricks of the trade. With these six easy to implement steps, you’ll be working faster and happier in no time. Or so she promises.


1. Filing folders is a must

Cultivate the habit of filing everything you’re working on in the correct place. Nope, this isn’t your desktop or your download folder. Make folders for projects, with sub-folders for categories of these projects. Honestly: if you haven’t been doing this, getting started will be a pain. Take a couple of hours to finish this task and don’t fall into the trap of opening and reading every single file or photo in the process.

2. Get rid of useless space
In order to keep your beloved computer running quickly and smoothly, always turn it off when you’re done. Not doing so is the equivalent of letting your car lights on at night: it will drain the battery and not shutting down running processes makes your baby slower than necessary. Tip on tip: install CC Crap Cleaner to get rid of useless space, browser history and cookies: this will improve your browser speed.

3. Add some power and install extra RAM
Is your computer still slow, and does it feel like you have to wait ages for programs like Photoshop or InDesign to load properly? Take a look at your specifications. Can you install a couple of extra GB RAM? This will give your computer much more calculative power and can really make a difference when you’re working on an older model.

4. The big bang – formatting
Also useful, is reinstalling your operating system. To do this, you’ll have to remove all of your files so a proper backup is a must. Deleting everything can reboost your computer, so in most cases it is definitely worth the hassle. For all you computer noobs out there: if you really don’t know what you’re doing, get in touch with a friend or professional that’s slightly more digitally gifted.

5. Make it a happy place
Done with all the technical stuff and is your computer quicker, cleaner and way more organized than before? You’ve reached the happy stage of decorating and celebrating. Select a new desktop background that makes you smile (one of our fave sites Design Love Fest has stunning free ones!) and have a long, satisfied look at your dock.

6. So long, smudged screen
Lastly, power down your computer and unplug it. Clean your screen and keyboard with a professional cleaning kit (hence: a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle with an alcohol and ammonia-free solution). Get rid of dust, dirt and fingerprints – your digital partner in crime will be thankful for it!

Lastly, don’t forget to give yourself a break in between steps. While we were busy with our folder filing frenzy, we enjoyed some laptop stickers (we’re so grown up), ice cold Pure Leaf and miniature honeycombs for an extra boost. We’d love to hear how you keep your digital space organized! Sharing is caring, so we’ll keep an eye out on #PureMe #PureLeafNL.

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