Lattes and laptopsPassion 12 June 2015
Lattes & Laptops: Pluk Amsterdam

Remember Latte & Laptops finds Cottoncake, Lot Sixty One and Kopjes? They all share a super stylish interior, love for coffee and great ambience to get some work done. New to this list is healthy self service bar Pluk.  Word is they will open their own sunny courtyard any day now… but is this a good spot to flip open your laptop and work on your deadline?

1. What’s the interior and atmosphere like?
Keep those new hotspots coming! Pluk has been open for 1,5 months now and it’s buzzing with fancy people every day – Doutzen is a big fan as well. The concept for Pluk is built around the idea of a healthy selfservice with great details in interior design. As a visitor, you’re being welcomed by fruit baskets filled with pineapples and bananas. The colourful candles, mugs and vases are all for sale. All those pretty pastels, the marble bar… aaah!

2. How is the coffee?
After tasting their coffee and cake, we understand why this place is buzzing. Definitely worth a 9+. No caffeine today? The fresh Green Happiness smoothie-in-a-jar keeps you energised for the next couple of hours.

3. Could you actually get work done?
Yes. Daylight is plentiful, there are lots of tables available upstairs, and most of the time it’s not too crowded. It’s a cosy spot for a business appointment or interview too.

4. So… where is Pluk located?
In the Nine Streets of Amsterdam, Reestraat 19. P.S. When you’re in a hurry, pick up some lunch to-go!

To get an impression of the interior and atmosphere of Pluk, their Instagram is definitely worth paying a visit.

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