DIY 5 June 2015
Interior DIY: make your own framed graphic splatter poster

When it comes to posters – either with a quote of wisdom, an illustrated cactus or the landmark of your latest city trip destination – you never have enough. Adding a bit of wall candy doesn’t have to cost much effort. In fact, upgrading your apartment by yourself is far easier than you would expect.

Team CHAPTER FRIDAY (also known as Team Not So Handy, but we’re getting there!) went to create an eye-catching artwork, armed with just a brush and some black paint. This is what we did!

What you’ll need
• Strömby frame by IKEA (ours is 50 x 70 centimeters and costs 13 euros)
• A thick brush
• Black acrylic paint
• A container for your paint
• A metallic ruler
• Stanley knife
• A piece of 300 grams paper, at least the size of your frame (we used a roll of wallpaper)


What you’ll do:
Step 1: Make sure you cover your floor with an old blanket, so you won’t leave any stains where they shouldn’t be. Lay out your piece of paper on the ground, leaving enough space left to walk around. The ground works best, because you’ll need to drop your paint from some height later.

Step 2: Fill your container with black paint – you won’t need a lot. Mix some water with it, so it has the right thickness. Practice makes perfect.

Step 3: Splash (with care)! Take time to find out what splatter method works best for you. Start with smaller drops by dripping paint from your brush. Then, try making some big drops.


Step 4: Looks good, doesn’t it? Let your piece of art dry for at least two hours. Especially the thick drops will need some time to dry.

Step 5: When you’re ready to frame your work, take out the cardboard back of the Strömby frame and place it on your splattered paper. Cut out your paper in the correct size by cutting around the cardboard. You might want to use a cutting mat.


Step 5: When you’re done cutting, the moment has come to frame the poster! Pick out a splendid spot for your black and white art piece. You may use some leftover pieces of splattered paper to use for smaller frames or maybe to clip on a pin board or mood board.

There, you did it! You may now call yourself an official DIY Queen.

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