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Six smart questions to ask during your next job interview

A job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience (hello sweaty armpits, uncontrolled stutter or, even worse, a waterfall of words). To find out as much as possible about the company that offers the job, don’t expect the employer to ask all the questions: bring along a few smart ones of your own! Get noticed for the right reasons and when the inevitable ‘do you have any questions for us?’ comes up, you’re ready to turn the tables.

But what to ask? Here are six clever questions to go over with your future employer.

1. ‘What would my typical day look like?’
From a practical point of view, this is a very interesting question. What kind of meetings will you be in? What different departments will you work with? Your work may vary from day to day, but by asking a question like this, you’re able to discover what you’ll actually be doing on a day to day basis. Pretty vital for you to get an idea if the job will suit you or not. Keep in mind though that you’ll probably get a description that is a bit more entertaining than your average workday.

2. ‘What qualities do you think are essential to this function?’
Well-prepared? Check. Genuinely interested? Check. This is the time to make clear you’re qualified for the job. Exaggerate some of your strong points and explain when you think they will come in handy.

3. ‘How do you see this position change over the coming years?’
By answering this, you’ll hopefully get an idea of the growth opportunities within this job. It’s a simple way to determine whether the job fits your ambitions. At the same time, you show you’re thinking about long-term goals.

4. ‘What are the common career paths in this department?’
This is a follow up on the question above. Discover what others have done and ask about projects they did or goals they reached, so it will give you an idea what your possibilities will be.

5. ‘How has the company changed since you joined?’
This is what we call a win-win situation. You create a more informal atmosphere and get to know the person across the table a little bit better. In the meanwhile, you obtain vital information about the company and get to know the direction it is headed.

6. ‘What is the follow-up procedure like?’
Do not hesitate to ask this question! After all, you don’t want to be sitting, waiting, wishing and refreshing your incoming emails every ten minutes. What’s the waiting period? Is the selection handled by email or phone? This question shows you’re eager for the job and enthusiastic to embark upon this new adventure.

Happy job hunting!

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    Right in time for me, I’m just preparing for two interviews this week! Another question that I ask is: What do you worry about in your job?

    I’ve interviewed many candidates over the years, and I always find it a deal breaker if I ask the applicant whether they have any questions, and the answer is “no.” First of all, I am certain not everything I told you was that clear to you. Second, it gives the impression that you’d like to ‘have it over with’. These questions are great. The most successful applicant I had, actually gave me a call about the job before she was confirmed for an interview, and explained that she was really looking for a job that matched her ambition and goals. While I thought at first ‘I have no time for this’, I actually was intrigued – this lady just has her priorities all figured out. It made me want to have her in my company. Well, I ended up hiring her. Story there: you are not just selling yourself, if you really want to go for the best match you are allowed to question things. After all, your future employer benefits of a well made hiring decision, too. Good luck to all applicants!

    GREAT post! So often people look into ways to sell themselves in an interview, forgetting that it’s just as important to ask the right questions for yourself. The job is just as much having to sell itself to you, maybe even more…because you’ll have to live with that decision every day. Love your questions :)

    xoxo -Kelly

    Great article and very helpful. These questions are spot on!

    Ps- I just started a new blog. It’s called Mildly Moody and its aimed towards female entrepreneurs and career IT girls. My latest article is about 7 habits holding you back from success. Perhaps you can take a look when you get a chance?
    Now following you!
    Xoxo, Cori

    Super handig dit! Ik moet binnenkort op zoek naar een stageplek. Voor die gesprekken zal ik vragen als deze (waarschijnlijk) nog niet nodig hebben, maar ik hou ze ook dan zeker in gedachten!

    Good questions!! I will keep them in mind.


    These are really strong questions, will definitely keep them in mind!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty


    Great questions indeed! So simple but easily forgotten! x

    These questions are so easy and simple – I pinned this article to refer back to and cannot wait to use them! Thank you!

    Warm Regards,


    That´s exactly why I love reading Chapter Friday! You offer us readers not only inspiration but many helpful tips and advices.

    Thank you so much :)
    Best regards,

    loving it!

    Since I have a job interview on Monday these were more than welcome! Thank you!

    Great tips! Thanks!


    This is so helpful, thank you for writing this post! I am just finishing up my Business and Marketing degree so the impending job search is quite daunting. I never know what to ask, so these will be imprinted into my brain for future job interviews. Fingers crossed! x

    BOOM! I never know what to ask in job interviews, especially as I tend to research a lot prior, but this has completely opened my mind. Even though I work for myself now, this is such a handy list.

    Im going to be graduating in a year and a half and would probably need to do some job hunting. These questions are great! I always find myself having to brain storm for good questions to ask during interviews, thank you for helping us out!

    x. Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

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