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Career Stories: Interior blogger Desirée from Vosgesparis

Desirée has gradually grown into one of the most noted interior bloggers out there. Makes sense: this lady started blogging in 2007 (!). Her characteristic black and white style defines her blog Vosgesparis – and there are trends that she pretty much launched on her own. (She started posting clipboards before they were on any Pinterest board).

Next to that, she visits interior design capitals all over the world. Is this globetrotter ever home? Yes! And when she is, her homemade desk is her office of choice.

As an interior blogger, how do you decorate your work spot?
Desirée: “I’ve decorated one of the tiniest rooms in the house as a workroom. Next to some piles of administration, you’ll find photography equipment and design books. One of my favourite decorative items is this little old industrial cabinet with themed drawers. One of the drawers is named ‘New York’. It’s where I save all my stuff related to a blog trip to the Big Apple.

I try (read: try) to keep things neat, clean and ordered, but I constantly move stuff around.”


How do you style your desk area?
Desirée: “I like to think outside the box for space and storage solutions. I always have frames on the floor and I love to change things around. Especially when I’m working on jobs for companies it’s handy to keep a few props around the house. I keep them in big paper bags I bought at Merci in Paris. The table I use as a desk is a painted beer table: it’s long and narrow and fits nicely into this small space. I’ve styled my desk with sweet cards and stuff I like to look at. Just looking at a roll of beautiful copper tape, makes me happy.”

You’ve been blogging since ’07. What’s your work routine like?
Desirée: “Planning is key when being a blogger, so I’m constantly on the hunt for new styling ideas. Usually, I plan one week in advance and schedule all posts for the upcoming days. Before I publish a blogpost on Vogesparis I make sure it matches with my previous posts – in colour, mood and subject. Next to my public Pinterest boards, I have a big secret one… I use it to pin inspirational images I’d like to work with. That’s how new concepts are born!”

Vogesparis is about interior, what is your other blog about?
Desirée: “On Amsterdam Next I blog about all kinds of hotspots in… yes, Amsterdam! They’re also published on my new app.”


The colour palette in your house is pretty calm. How did that happen?
Desirée: “My love for Scandinavia and infatuation with industrial design have to do with that. I fancy furniture with a raw and edgy look. To balance out the harsh black and white, I’ve put in a light grey floor.”

Prettiest interior catch…
Desirée: “My dining table used to be in a post office, it was used to sort out letters on. I found it in a waste container and it has a great industrial look.”

What’s your go-to interior label?
Desirée: “The adorable Japanese Midori collection that they sell at Misc Store.”

Are you a secret hoarder?
Desirée: “I have tons of tiny Moleskine notebooks. They always come along on trips and they’re real treasures, full of memories. Other than that, I have as little useless stuff as possible. Whenever I buy something it either has to be useful or it has to fit perfectly into a corner that I’ve put together.”


Your style is wildly popular on Pinterest and Instagram. What’s your superpower?
Desirée: “Sticking to my own style. Little corners in my house always get the most likes.”

What’s in your daily blog routine?
Desirée: “There’s a bunch of Scandinavian blogs I like to follow like Stylizimo and Still For Inspiration. And I keep up with a few fashion blogs, mainly by people who always wear black, like myself. COTTDS, is a nice example.”

Pick one: working from home or at an office?
Desirée: “I prefer working from home. I like working anywhere as long as I’ve got a clean table and my daily planner next to me. With a big fat marker to cross off all the to-do lists.”


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Photography by Karen van Duijvenbode
Portrait of Desirée by Raül Franch

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