Passion 25 April 2015
Blog class: how do you discover your own special strengths?

There is something all successful personal (style) bloggers have in common: they are unique in the content they post. It fits their personality seamlessly, like banana’s and pancakes, marble and Instagram, and bloggers and outfit posts.

Just think about it. Chiara Ferragni breathes the blond salad, Rachel Brathen is a yoga girl in every sense of the word and Leandra Medine is the living, talking, and crazy dancing example of a man repeller (in a very funny, good way!).

But how do you discover this uniqueness in yourself when you’re just starting out? You have to actively look for it and stop convincing yourself you don’t have something you’re exceptionally good at. You do!

The trick is to find something you like to do, and then stick with it. Why? Because no sane person would spend a lot of time and energy doing something they don’t like, especially when it gets tough. This very much goes for blogging: if you pick a subject you don’t love with all your heart, then it’s going to be very tough to persevere. So, find something you really love and start writing/taking pictures/illustrating/drawing/whatever floats your boat.

Don’t know what that is yet? Try listening to your guts, because the funny thing is you often already know where your passion lies. You just have to be brave enough to listen to your heart, instead of your head. Don’t pick something because you think it’s popular, or because you think people will like it. Pick something because you like it.

Still struggling? Then watch this awesome video of power chick and businesswoman Marie Forleo (That hair! Those flowers!), while she answers a question from one of her readers regarding this very subject.

What are you waiting for? Time to take over the world! Just remember (and to quote Steve Jobs): the ones that are crazy enough to think they can change it, are often the ones that do.

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