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Career Stories: Marie-Stella-Maris creative Edith Beurskens

If she could, Edith Beurskens would love to live in her office. The creative at Marie-Stella-Maris lights up from the littlest Parisian interior details surrounding her workplace. While her desk is often filled with a broad range of water and care products the ‘Marie’ brand has to offer, she must be the biggest fan of the CDP (Clean Desk Policy) or as she tells us herself: “I don’t really need more stuff!” Take a look at one of the most bright, spacious and delicious smelling offices in Amsterdam.

So, tell us… what does your average Monday morning look like?
Edith: “I usually start my day in the kitchen of the office, where I catch up with colleagues while we drink our first much-needed coffee of the day. I’m not much of a morning person. To get started, my main ingredients on a Monday morning would be: good coffee, a freshly baked croissant, and all my unread email.”

When you’re settled, how many hours a day do you spend at your desk?
Edith: “A lot! I work full time at Marie-Stella-Maris and spend my daytime between my desk, meetings, my desk and then some more meetings…”Def_IMG_3504klein

What are your most personal office items?
Edith: “I always carry my lip balm with me! To feel at home, I sometimes light a scented candle – the one I have on my desk right now smells so good! Apart from a lot of clean space, I have a few new books laying around. I celebrated my birthday recently and my girlfriends spoiled me with bestsellers like ‘Popular Lies About Graphic Design’ and ‘How To Be a Parisian’. Great reads, I would highly recommend them both.

Talking about ‘clean space’, we heard you’re a big fan of the clean desk policy. How bad is it?
Edith: “My own desk is quite empty, which helps me to stay focused. I’m well known for my Friday cleaning habit, haha. At around five o’clock in the afternoon I start my weekly round of desk cleaning. I cannot leave the office until all desks are nice and tidy. My colleagues often look at each other and start laughing when I’m at it again.”


What item on your desk are you most proud of?
Edith: “Whenever I look at the artworks the team and I made together last year, I feel very proud. We have a special clipping board in the office where we hang all our finest designs and it’s great to see how we built the Marie-Stella-Maris brand in only a year time. Staring at this board makes me really happy!”

Is there a missing piece on your desktop?
Edith: “As far as my clean desk policy goes… I don’t really need more stuff! I’m more of an online collector and gather my inspiration and plans on Pinterest – 10.000 pins and counting! Come to think of it, maybe my desk could use a nice plant.”

When shopping, what’s your go-to stationery shop in Amsterdam?
Edith: “I use an insane amount of notebooks. The last addition to my collection was one by À la with palm trees on the cover, it feels like a mini-vacation every time I open it. HAY is one of my fave stationery brands and I buy a lot of pretty desk gems at Misc Amsterdam.”


What type of girl are you: a 4pm happy snacker or a healthy foodie?
Edith: “The slow juicer at the office changed my super sloppy eating habits. I now try to make a juice on a daily base – it’s still kind of a lazy solution, but those vitamins are a great excuse.”

The Marie-Stella-Maris office looks like a dream. Is it true to your own style?
Edith: “Yes! The minute I entered this building, I fell in love. I must have gazed at the ceiling near the entrance for at least two minutes straight. It reminds me of a Parisian apartment: the marble accents, classic Thonet chairs, black herringbone wooden floor, huge windows. Even the kitchen looks like a tiny French bistro. I could easily live here.”


Clean, colourful or a total mess: creative desks come in all shapes and forms. CHAPTER FRIDAY is always searching for the best stories behind piles of books and Sharpie pens. Want to see more? Peek at the workplaces of interior blogger Vosgesparis or Interior Junkie. And lots more other inspiring women.

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    I love love love your blog. I love the name of the site and the topic of work desks is so fascinating and relevant to me. Thank you.

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    Such a great, inspiring article! Love to read about creativity,

    Wat een geweldig kantoor! Ik had eigenlijk nog nooit eerder van hun shop gehoord.


    She is such a beautiful woman – I read How To Be Parisian and am really interested in the other book she referenced. Her description of her work day sounds lovely and I should probably pick up her habit!

    Warm Regards,
    www. Little Wild Heart .com

    This looks amazing! What a pretty pictures. Never had the time before to visit the Marie Stella Maris shop before… such a pity.

    Such a lovely interview!

    Dankje Neeltje, good to hear! :)

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