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How to make the most of small closet space, Marijn’s story

Big house, small closet; it’s an interior situation CHAPTER FRIDAY’s Marijn can relate to. Today, she tells us all about her latest moving story and how she made the most out of supersmall closet space.

“Finally, I’m a grown-up (at least, I’m guessing this is how it feels)! I’ve just moved from a very tiny, cute attic apartment into a new, bigger home. For the first time in my life, I have a dishwasher – you can’t even begin to imagine how happy this makes me – a huge living room and even a tiny garden. The only downfall: there’s very little closet space in the bedroom to house all of my outfits.

Going from two big wardrobe closets to only one is quite the challenge (and a first world problem, I’ll admit). I discovered that I own a ridiculous amount of clothes which I have trouble parting with. Mind you: I’ve already shed a lot before the big move, but I can’t possibly throw away my pink tutu? What if I have a theme party next year? What about the high heels that are too small and can’t even wear to a dinner with lots and lots of sitting?

That’s when I knew I had to come up with a smart closet-bedroom-plan. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite small-closet inspiration and wrote down a few of my tried and tested experiences. Here we go!

Box it up
Get storage boxes for the space underneath your bed and on top of your closet. You never use it, so this is perfect to store ski clothing, snow boots, spare sheets, blankets and so on. Stuff you only need every once in a while and you can’t throw away.


Make a mighty nightstand
Make the most out of your nightstand. If you have a tiny bedroom, you can create extra storage space by taking a multi-layered nightstand. This way you will not only have room to store your alarm clock, a light and a book, but also have space to store your favourite magazines and jewellery.


Stack shelves
Shelves are your best friends in a small and crowded space. It’s not very difficult to put them up, and they can create a lot of extra storage. This way you can stuff your not-so-photogenic items in the closet, and stack up your prettiest belongings in plain sight. Don’t forget nooks and corners: corner shelves are an excellent way to put them into good use.

dozen dozen2

Embrace your shoe collection
I’m by no means an Imelda Marcus, but I do own my fair share of shoes. I used to have plenty of room in my closet to stack them all, but since the move I’ve got a lot less place to stall them. These shoeboxes are a lifesaver: they allow you to stack them on top of each other without your shoes losing their buddies.

ladder2 ladder3

Step it up
With the ladder and the wooden rack making a huge comeback, pretty wooden racks are not hard to come by. They form an excellent way to store magazines and hang pretty clothes you wear a lot.

With a little help of these simple tips, I’ve managed to fit the content of two closets into one. How do you keep your bedroom neat, tidy and organized?”

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    […] I really like the use of washi tape in this room. 2. These are great tips for making the most of a small closet space.  3. Being intentional with my time and my year is so important to me. This list on being intentional […]

    In my case, small house, smaller closets! I’ve definitely had to go vertical (use space under beds) as much as possible. Turned IKEA’s RAST nightstands into space for undies & socks. With lack of space, everything has to do double/triple duty. Still trying to gain space for out of season clothes without having to purchase a wardrobe closet and still working on a coat ‘closet’ hack. The coat rack seems too crowded for my tastes.

    Cool tips! And yes, Ikea love forever. Thanks!

    Great tips!

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    I like the method of displaying well organized, color coded racks of clothes and storing away extra stuff! Love this, SF apartments are so tiny!

    Thanks, Kari! Good to hear that tiny apartments are not only a problem in Amsterdam… ;)

    Great ideas, indeed! I have a small bedroom and I need some good ideas for storage! Thanks a lot! Greetings, Storage Motspur Park Ltd.

    Hi Tamara, very happy to help! x


    while these articles seemed to be helpful they seem to be more about beautiful aesthetics. I mean, whose place really looks like that? It would be a lot more helpful if it was done about a legit small closet.

    Great tips, I moved last summer and had to fit two rooms worth of things into one much smaller room, I’m still trying to work with it!

    Holly Sparkle | Petite Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    Same problem here… How is it that you collect soooooo much stuf? Where does it come from? x

    Great tips! :)

    Dear Yara, thank you for this lovely collection of cool ideas for small spaces! The nightstand is the best – it would make such a difference for the storage in my bedroom! Could you tell me where it is from or where you’d go looking for a nightstand like this?
    Thanks and best wishes!

    MJ Webster

    I am counting 5 or even 6 bedrooms here! Aren’t you using any closet space from those? Plus that is not a bad size closet you are showing. Hardly what I’d call SMALL! I have a large house and a huge closet, but I don’t think this is helpful to people with truly small closets. Your organization and placing of your things are very attractive though. Plus, are all those rooms in your home?Or are you just posting pictures of good storage ideas? I truly can’t figure out what is located where.I found this post rather confusing.

    As a Professional organizer I can say you did everything right. Great use of space. I loved what you said about making the night stand substantial, something people don’t utilize enough. Enjoy your new home.

    Hi Jill, hearing that from a professional organizer makes me blush a little bit! I’m naturally quite a messy and disorganized person, so I really have to force myself to store everything in a logical place, where I can find it again. It’s hard, but it really helps! x

    I also had to consolidate as there is only one closet for two in our entire nest (including outerwear). I used hooks to hang tanks, and hung accessories from the ceiling as well as behind the closet door–every space is accounted for! Terrific job in consolidating your closet! Here a portion of mine. Happy Nesting!


    Your closet is room and closet are gorgeous! So simple yet everything stands out! I love it! Thank you for the tips. I have a small room with no closet! So I use a dresser, a desk, and one extended clothing rack to help give a feeling of having space!


    Same thought….whenever I see “small closet” articles, I always laugh at how big the closets actually are. There is two of us sharing a closet at least a third of that size.


    Same here. I have a big room and no closet, had to put a wardrobe in there for two, and a manage a space for the bed sheets et bath towels. I really envy that type of “small closets”.

    Hi Lisa, as stated, the images are not mine: they are images I used as inspiration to illustrate solutions to tiny-closet-problems ;)

    My closet resembles the one in the first picture, though. It might not be the tiniest in the world, but for me it’s still tiny (because I was used to a bigger one).
    It must be such a challenge if you have less space, but working with storage boxes and shelves will help you create a lot more wiggling room. Good luck! x

    if that is your small closet i am really amused!! it looks only slightly smaller than our entire bedroom! Nice blog post though,

    Hi Eliza, that’s not my closet, alas. The images are used to illustrate the storage solutions. My closet space is a lot tinier in real life, I have to fit my clothes and those of my boyfriend in one closet. x

    Great tips! I have limited closet space and struggle to organize everything so that I am able to get to it. Can’t wait to try some of these ideas. Thanks!

    Hi Kizzy, so good to hear I’m not the only one ;) Good luck trying these tips, hope they help! x

    The are wonderful ideas. I have a small living place so these tips are very useful.


    Hi B., so nice to hear that this helped a bit! I often use similar posts as home inspiration, and it really helps me to get new ideas to improve my living. x

    Great closet inspiration. Loving the all white look with minimal colors & some greenery.

    Hi Jodi, same here! Still loving lots of white, even though I’ve seen so many images of white Scandinavian rooms already! I’m also a sucker for some plants, they really make me feel at home, wherever I am. x

    That gives very practical tips even though I don’t know how much actually follow all the tips.

    From {a lifestyle/food/beauty and fashion blog}

    Love these tips! I think they are helpful and the pictures are so cool!


    Hi Tia, that’s great to hear! Happy to help :) x

    I also use stack shelves. Though half of the time, because I try on too many items in the morning, the stacks are empty and all clothes are flying around the house!

    Now that’s also a problem I can relate too… Having a perfectly tidy closet, but then having to decide what to wear. It always turns my bedroom into a war-zone. x

    Great tips! I try to box the most!


    Me too: boxing is easy and effective! x

    I love the shelf/exposed wardrobe option! My closet is very narrow and dark – it’s such a bummer.

    Warm Regards,

    Ah, that sounds like a real challenge. But if you put some effort in, you can always make some minor improvements that really make a difference. x

    I need that

    I really like the ladder idea!

    It’s really cute, isn’t it? I love it too! x

    Goede tips, en heerlijke inspiratie foto’s!

    Jules x

    Thank you, Jules! x

    awesome tips!

    Thank you, Mancina! Hope they help x

    Heel leuk artikel, goede foto’s er ook bij. Deze ga ik onthouden (ga binnenkort verhuizen)

    Dankje, Stéphanie! Succes met de verhuizing x

    Oh this is one of my major problems living in Paris, and though I try it i just too tiny! I literally have to play tetris with my clothes.
    My biggest trick is to put my clothes from the opposite season inside luggages and I alternate every 6 months approx. Spring/Summer – Autumn/Winter

    Thanks for the tips!

    Ambitieuse Paris

    Ha, playing Tetris, that’s exactly how I feel every morning. Alternating between summer and winter is a must: I store my winter clothes in boxes underneath my bed. :)

    That is a really good tip too, Ylenia! Keeping that in mind ;)

    love this

    Boxes and shelves are a great help, and I too have tiny space!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

    They really are a life saver, aren’t they? x

    Cool ideas!

    Thank you, Honorata! x

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