5 February 2015
Interior inspo: travel maps for on the wall

Who doesn’t want to wander the world, looking for new adventures round every corner and making new friends along the way? It’s one of the best feelings there is. It does require money and time though, so when you’re a working girl traveling can be quite the challenge.

These maps for your home will make the little explorer inside you happy at home too. How cool is it to have a map of the world on your wall, with pins that mark the places you’ve visited? Before you know it, you’ll be playing Marco Polo and you’ve booked a ticked to a place yet to be discovered.

And to use a famous quote from Lao Tzu: A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. So why not let that step be hanging a map of the places you’d like to visit on the wall, as a little reminder to commence on a journey every now and then?

Tell us: if time and money weren’t an issue, where would you like to travel to?

Photos via designsponge and pinterest

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    I’d personally love to travel to Australia. Beautiful post

    Thank you Kendall. We would love to go there too… all those pretty beaches!

    I love using maps as decor. They provide such an old world feel to a room and inspire such wanderlust.

    They do, don’t they! A bit of vintage always give a dreamy feeling.

    OMG I love this!!! I need it in my room :D I love maps is that weird?¿ such an inspiring post


    I love maps, I am lucky to have acquired some flight maps and also a beautiful one of Amsterdam which you can see here http://www.sojustnice.com/interior-inspiration-5-madde-design/
    Thanks as always for the inspiration with love sojustnice.com

    […] blog’s slogan is Travel Inspired Life! Chapter Friday show us a great ways to decorate with travel maps on the walls. Amamos viajar y amamos traer esa pasión a nuestra decoración en casa, ¡por eso nuestro slogan […]

    I love the idea of maps on the wall, I have a scratch off map of the world on my bedroom wall and it is my favourite thing ever!

    I would love to travel south America


    Going to NY


    I LOVE maps. Have a huge world map in my dining room and I love it!

    Amazing inspo!


    Lovely inspiration! I’ve started my map collection already :) I also love vintage globes, too.

    If time and money weren’t an issue? Probably New Zealand, Namibia, or Mongolia!

    I love maps! This was such a great post. It definitely gave me some ideas <3


    The map I want up is rolled up right now waiting for me to move somewhere with a wall that’s big enough – and my own – for me to hang it on. If I could travel anywhere I’d love to go to the Artic Circle, I’m also really craving Iceland.

    Wow Jessie, that’s a bold destination! And a really amazing one too. x

    I’ve been searching for such maps for ages but I haven’t quite found the perfect one yet…
    If time and money weren’t an issue I’d love to travel to Paraguay…


    Love these inspo sections!


    I definitely need to do this in my room. I love it!

    Enclothed Cognition

    I love everything about this post. The white, black & wood tones are so millennial. That giant chalkboard is a must.


    Thanks, Jodi! I’m really craving the giant chalk board too. x

    I’d love to travel to places with bright blue oceans, white sands, and peace! Love the naps of NYC.

    Warm Regards,

    That sounds like an excellent plan, Alexandra! Who doesn’t love a beach and a blue sky? x

    Oh, so many places. But Argentina, Thailand, Peru, Morocco and Finland are on top of my list. I also love the idea of the maps on the wall.

    Girl Against Oleka

    That sounds like an eclectic list, Asli! x

    Fist I would go the Middle East. After that, I would go to Asia. I really hope after finishing school I can go on a trip of a couple of months.


    Wauw, that sounds like an interesting trip! What draws you to the Middle East? x

    Ah, wat een heerlijke inspiratie! Als ik zo ergens heen kon gaan waar ik wou dan zou het Indonesie zijn! Ben heel benieuwd naar het land waar mn opa & oma zijn opgegroeid :)

    Wauw, dat lijkt me inderdaad ook geweldig, om het geboorteland van je opa en oma te ontdekken. x

    So lovely!

    I am drooling over that bookshelf. This may be my dream house. And I love the maps on the wall.


    Haha Maggie, that’s nice to hear! I wouldn’t kick that bookshelf out of my appartment either. x

    This is such a great quote.
    When I was younger I used to have a map with pins at places I’ve been too. Always love looking at it.

    xx Cheyenne

    That is really cute. It’s amazing how dreamy a map like that can make you feel.


    I love the idea of having a map on the wall and pinning the places you’ve been to! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

    We love that idea too, Savannah! It gives you such a nice overview.

    Mocht ik onbeperkt budget en tijd hebben, dan zou ik eerst en vooral voor langere tijd naar NYC trekken, om dan naar de westkust van Amerika te reizen. Maar er zijn zoveel plekken die ik wil zien, dus ik zou op langere termijn gewoon héél veel op reis gaan!

    Lys, dat klinkt als een droomplan. We hopen dat je dit in de toekomst kan verwezenlijken! Een echte American Dream roadtrip lijkt ons dat.


    Lamu! <3

    The entire world and I would love to see an article on digital nomads and how to find job that can take you to different places in the fashion industry!


    That sounds like a nice idea. We will take note of that and see what we can do!

    An inspiring post! If time and money weren’t an issue, I’d like to travel to Europe and Asia<3

    Never stop dreaming! We hope you’ll get to Europe and Asia someday, both continents are so lovely.


    Nice! And they all have their own atmosphere. Costa Rica is my dream destination! I lived very briefly in Bolivia and Guetemala some years back, and would love to visit Costa Rica, it’s such a green and happy island. Most islands are very high on my to visit list actually, Corsica, Malta, Greece ….

    Islands are like heaven on earth, aren’t they. Definitely a good choice of yours!

    Ooh heerlijke inspiratie. Nu wil ik een landkaart! Haha ;)

    Leuk om te horen! Misschien een ideetje voor je volgende verjaardagscadeau ;)`

    I really like this, especially world maps!

    They are pretty, aren’t they! x

    World maps, especially those with vintage look, are great wall deco if you ask me. If money and time weren’t an issue, I would for sure go back to China, where I lived a couple of years ago, and further improve my Mandarin. Then travel to South-East Asia, Australia and NZ, and stop by Japan on my way back home as well. Ah, dreams…

    That’s a really exotic list of travel destinations. Very inspiring!

    My friend loves maps of the world, always covers her wall in them! I’d love to go across America, Europe and Bali

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

    Sounds like a good plan, seeing every part of the world from West to East!

    I’d love to make a trip to South America, or take some months round Australia and New Zealand. And most of all – visit my best friend in chilly Canada! Everything for some best friend snuggles.

    That’s a cool list of places to travel to. We bet the beaches of Australia are amazingly beautiful

    Ohh jaa, ik wil zo graag een mooie zwarte wereldkaart! Kan het alleen niet vinden :| En als geld geen probleem was zou ik sowieso naar Australië gaan! En Miami, LA, SF & NY. En IJsland, Praag, Milaan, Barcelona en nog veel meer plekken, haha ;)

    Hi Alexandra, ha, that’s a whole list indeed! But it sounds like a wonderful plan. Better start saving up… ;) x

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