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Yara’s home project: make my bedroom feel like a boutique hotel

Chapter Friday - clean hotel room inspiration - photography by Liselotte FleurWith a busy life and endless thoughts, my bedroom is that one special place I go to unwind and unplug. At least, ideally speaking! When done the right way, a bedroom is a little sanctuary with soothing colors, plush pillows and a big blanket to wrap yourself in as if you were a giant human hotdog. #lifegoals.

What I’ve discovered about peaceful bedrooms 
Setting that soothing tone, however, is where the challenge comes in. After careful observation while traveling  (aka throwing myself on hotel beds and testing a new tiny shampoo bottle every day), I’ve come to the conclusion that (boutique) hotels often have that skill mastered.

Enter my latest and greatest interior mission (well, I did love my home office as well!): to hotel-ify my bedroom. The goal was to fine-tune the atmosphere and make the space more peaceful. Like I said, the key to why hotel rooms – and all of the amazing Pinterest photos I have collected over the years – work is in a) all the white and b) leaving out whatever isn’t strictly necessary.

So today, I’m showing you how all of that wisdom (ahum) was turned into practice: meet my new bedroom styling! I’ve teamed up with Dutch warehouse HEMA – who I’ve been creating interior posts for on their big HEMA blog platform – to add flavor to my existing base and I’m so excited to show you! These are the interior ingredients I’ve kept in mind along the way…

Chapter Friday - clean hotel room inspiration - photography by Liselotte Fleur Chapter Friday - clean hotel room inspiration - photography by Liselotte Fleur

Start with soft, white bedding
A bed is usually the eye-catcher in a hotel room; an irresistible element, a small island just for you. In my bedroom I want to be welcomed by a big, fluffy bed, like a big cloud. But it shouldn’t take ages to put everything back in place in the morning. The basic is quality bedding. I often go for – what’s in a name! – the Hotel-series by HEMA that has an extra line of fabric next to the seam, just like hotel beds do.

Get a bunch of pillows
My pillows are organized like this: two big head pillows followed by two thinner white pillows in the same size, then two square pillows and a tiny decorative pillow in front to tie it all together.

Work with natural light
Hotel rooms are often light and airy and feature just a few characteristic pieces of furniture. My walls are white, so are my curtains, and I have big balcony windows. So I always try to let in as much natural light as possible. White is the perfect basic colour that instantly gives a room a peaceful Scandinavian feel, even with the tiniest bit of effort.

Subtly play with colour and print
As a basic colour – for pillows, candles and other accessories – I opted for various shades of grey and muted blue. For winter, these shades combine beautifully with ink blue, mustard yellow, nude or green. In summertime their brighter siblings like bottle green, white, coral and orange work wonders for a fresh touch.

Chapter Friday - clean hotel room inspiration - photography by Liselotte Fleur Chapter Friday - clean hotel room inspiration - photography by Liselotte Fleur

Keep your nighttime essentials close by
A small nightstand is indispensable in any hotel room. It’s the perfect place for your ‘before-bed-essentials’, which in my case are notebook for thoughts, a glass of water, alarm clock and a little light or candle. Don’t have a lot of space? A small stool is the prefect nightstand replacement.

Opt for invisible storage
A wooden (army) chest keeps stuff close by yet out of sight. It’s the perfect way to store clothes or shoes that you don’t wear often, or to keep your bedding. Proudly display your most beloved jewelry in little glass treasure chests and hang favourite items on a clothing rack or wooden ladder. To combine functionality with looks, hang everything in order of colour to provide unity. I picked rose gold wire for both my hangers and storage boxes.

Chapter Friday - clean hotel room inspiration - photography by Liselotte Fleur Chapter Friday - clean hotel room inspiration - photography by Liselotte Fleur

Accessorize with personal accents
Obviously, you want your bedroom to be cosy, not clinical. This is your personal domain and it should feel as such. Find ways to accessorize without overcrowding. Hang three similar white wooden photo frames, or go with one big image that is primarily white. Candles are an easy and affordable way to add personality and incorporate seasonal influences. Silver and gold are great sparkly options for the holidays – white, cream and nude are stunning for spring.

All that’s left now is to wish myself sweet dreams! Zzzz…

Items you see in my bedroom by HEMA
Hotel bedding Geometric pillows in grey or flamingo (6,00), Floating photo frame (12,25), White geometric vase (4,95), Star candle (5,00), Small letter notebook (0,95).

Other items
Rose gold baskets, coloured candles and blue pillow by Sissy Boy Homeland, Rug by House Doctor via Sissy Boy Homeland, Rose gold hangers by HAY, clothing rack by Ikea. 

Liselotte Fleur

PS. For more of my interior projects, or to read this article in Dutch, visit HEMA Blog!

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    Is your bed still available at Ikea? I love it!

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    Wat mooi!! Wat is de naam van je IKEA bedframe en wordt deze nog verkocht? Ik ben verliefd

    wat een super toffe tips en wat een prachtige kamer

    Dankjewel, Alexa! Ik ben er ook erg blij mee :) x

    Hi Yara,

    Love your room! It is so clean and perfectly you! I love HEMA as well. Where did you buy those beautiful rose golden baskets?


    Waaauwie, superleuk!

    It looks so great, clear, simple and really pretty :)

    cool room

    Thanks, Andres! x


    It looks really nice. I was wondering where the bed frame is from!? I really like the design!

    It’s a metal and wooden super duper basic design by… Ikea! It’s super affordable and is great to sleep on!

    Aaaah, Yara! This looks stunning – so in line with those many Pinterest boards, definitely a great inspiration and a gorgeous clean space. So happy to see that you’re doing well, and have such awesome projects on the go. xx :D

    Hi Rachel, ah so sweet, thanks so much! Hope you are doing well too. xx :)

    Loving this bedroom, such a clean and bright place to relax in. I am really liking the wire baskets, great colour and so handy for storing things in.


    I’m in love too! They are pretty and super handy, the perfect combination for me. x

    Mooi geworden. Ik houd van clean, maar mis ik toch wat kleur… Misschien dat een leuke grote plant in een mooie pot de boel nog net een beetje dat extraatje geeft? Dat groen zal mooi afsteken tegen al dat wit :)!

    Goede tip! Een mooie palmplant of cactus wellicht… ;)

    Heel tof artikel! X

    Dankjewel Fleur! x

    Ik vind het kader met de veertjes en de accessoiredoosjes echt super leuke accenten. Zeer mooi interieur!

    Wat een prachtige interieur. Lekker clean. Dat heb je goed gedaan!!


    Dankjewel, ben er zelf ook enorm blij mee! x

    Love this. It’s so important to have plenty of natural light in a bedroom. Great inspiration!

    Waking up with natural light on your face in the morning is the best! Thanks Eden. x

    Mooi! Ik vraag me toch altijd weer af waar jij al je spullen laat! ;) x

    Haha, ik gooi en geef HEEL veel weg. Elke twee maanden verkoop ik kleren op de NSMBL sale, dus ik heb alleen nog wat ik écht draag. Ik bewaar eigenlijk geen spulletjes met herinnering (zoals kaartjes enz), gooi oude tijdschriften weg, etc… Clean house, clean mind!

    NICE! Waar is het ijzeren krukje van???

    I love so much of this! The white bed, invisable storage, minimalism in the bedroom. I cannot wait to get my home office up so I can take my work out of my resting places xo

    Warm Regards,


    Mooi! Ik ben ook heel benieuwd waar je het kleedje vandaan hebt!

    Dat is van House Doctor! :)


    You’ve done a lovely job! Your room looks so gorgeous x

    This looks lovely! Sounds like you’ve finally created THE perfect bedroom of your dreams!

    Such great photos! And the bedroom looks so cozy!

    THIS IS how my flat should look like !


    Wat mooi allemaal! Dat kleedje is ook zo leuk. Waar heb je die vandaan? :)

    Dat komt van Housedoctor en kocht ik bij Sissyboy Homeland :)

    Wauw wat een mooie interieur accessoires! De vaasjes, sieradenboxjes, kleedje.. love :)

    Waar komen de glazen juwelen dozen vandaan?

    Die zijn van V&D en Á La : )

    Ooh, het is echt heel erg leuk geworden!

    Leuk om te horen!

    It looks wonderful!

    Wat is het mooi geworden Yara! Hema heeft ook zulke geweldige dingetjes! :)


    Absoluut! Heel mooi, kwalitatief en voor iedereen iets!

    Diana P.

    Your bedroom is so lovely, I enjoyed this post so much!
    I discovered HEMA while visiting the Netherlands last year and totally fell in love, especially with the beauty section! Now I wish there was one in Greece too!

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    It really is an awesome store. They have a great eyebrow gel I always use, it’s the best! x

    Love it! The rug looks awesome. I also like the brass string boxes.

    Is super mooi geworden <3

    X Nora /

    Your room looks gorgeous! I re-decorated my room a few years back, but I notice my style has changed and really want to decorate my bedroom again!

    You can make a big difference with a few small touches – and neutrals as a base always make things easier! Use pillows, photo frames and posters, candles and a few modern touches (such as rose gold) for a quick update :)

    The HEMA hotel bedding is just the best <3. I've had those in my bedroom as well for the past couple of weeks and it makes such a difference, visually speaking but also when sleeping under them. I love what you did with the room, it's truely hotel-fahig!

    It really is Anne, isn’t it? x

    Ziet er heel tof uit!

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