Interior inspo 2 January 2015
Interior DIY: a tassel garland

Every day deserves to be celebrated. A tassel garland is a festive form of dressing up your home and it’s a perfect reminder that life is a little party. These garlands have taken over Pinterest by a storm and are surprisingly easy to make. I opted for neutral colors but off white, peachy and deep pink would make a great summer option. Adding metallic paper or foil in silver, gold or bronze gives your garland an extra dash of glam and sparkle.

• Tissue paper in your colors of choice. Working with at least three different shades gives the nicest end result. I’ve used white, ivory, taupe, gold and ink blue.
• A pair of scissors
• A cotton cord or ribbon


STEP 1: Lay out the sheets of tissue paper per color and fold them in half. Then fold that in half again. Keep folding until you have about eight layers of paper.

STEP 2: Take the scissors and cut the paper in strips along the unfolded side. Leave about 4 cm uncut at the folded side.


STEP 3: Unfold the tissue paper once, so you have fringes on both sides. Take the middle part of the paper sheets and start twisting tightly.

STEP 4: Continue to twist the middle firmly until you’re able to easily bend it in half to create a loop. String a ribbon through the loops of the tassels… et voilà. It’s ready!


Now all that’s left to do is finding a pretty spot to hang it.

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