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In a blogging dip? Get motivated right in time for 2015

Let’s face the facts. Blogging isn’t exactly a nine-to-five thing. If you’ve been blogging for a while you’ve probably noticed that your blog life and your personal life are constantly intertwined. It’s almost impossible to always come up with scintillating new ideas when it feels like everything has been done already, by you or by someone else.

Not to worry: it’s okay to experience a bit of blogging exhaustion. Everyone does at some point! The trick is not to give up. Coming from experience, here are some of our ideas on how to deal with a blogging dip.

Let’s refresh! Why did you start blogging?
If you’re feeling low on energy when it comes to your blog, chances are you’ve put too much pressure on yourself. To keep going when blogging starts to feel like an obligation is one of the most difficult things. And we’ve all been there! To tap back into the enthusiasm you felt when you first started, literally go back to that moment. What made you start a blog in the first place? Where is your talent – is that in photography, writing columns, or doing product reviews? Focus on the skills and tasks that you’re best at and you’ll see it shines through in the content you make.

Cluster the dull tasks
If you’re looking for ways to feel excited and energetic about blogging again, one way is to do more of what you love. Another way is to shine new light on the things you dislike. Set aside a specific moment each week for the tasks that you dread (for me, those are administration and filing e-mails). That makes it easier not to postpone them – or to decide not to do them altogether. Reserve the first part of every Friday for getting organized and doing those more boring tasks. You’ll be able to enter the next week with a clean slate.

Take a week off (really!)
Tell your readers you’ll be taking a mini-break to clear your head and come up with fun new ideas. Going offline might seem like a blogging disaster but if you announce it well, there is no real harm done to your readership. You get the most valuable thoughts when you’re at ease and relaxed, without any pressure. Your readers will understand that and they’ll probably appreciate you for taking your blog so serious.

Have a look at the long term
Another way to find your blogging spark back is by dreaming. Toss out those to-do lists for a day and simply allow yourself to daydream. Ask yourself: Where do I see myself and my blog in a year? What would I like to have achieved by then? What kind of articles will I have published, ideally? If there were no boundaries to time or money, what would I do? No matter what your big idea is – whether it’s wanting to write longer pieces, teaming up with fellow bloggers for a weekly column exchange, or getting your best blog photos published in print – sometimes dreams for the far future are what keep us going for now. 

[edit] It’s wonderful to read in the comments that this is a topic so many of you relate to. Blogging might seem ‘easy’ from the outside, but it’s quite the challenge to constantly stay current and inspiring. So let’s chat in the comments; where do you find motivation to keep your blog going?

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    james estevez

    wow this was a great page!! you should also check this video for a lot of motivation!!!!!

    Hi Yara, great article! Thanks for posting it!
    I agree on the enthusiasm when you start off. I have just started my blog and I love it to bits. But I agree, very quickly blogging takes almost all of your time and energy outside work. I will definitely remember your tips when I begin to feel the dip. x

    Good tips! I just started so right now I am full of motivation! But on the longer term I believe this happens to every blogger. Maybe it’s also a little insecurity. X

    just what i needed to read – thanks so much for sharing!
    xo, cheyenne

    I love that last tip. When you write any story, knowing the ending is key. I know that blogging doesn’t quite have an “end,” but having an idea of the ideal/climax of your blogging is a really great way to navigate what sort of posts to put up.

    Glad I stumbled upon this blog :)


    Hee Maggie, that is great to hear! It really helps me while writing, hope it can do the same for you. Good luck! x

    Good tips! I get motivated by thinking about my future goals.. What I want to achieve. As long as I keep that in mind I’m motivated and able to keep working on it.

    Seeing that I am not the only one stuck in a dip is very comforting.
    Reading your ideas how to handle this is very encouraging.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Thank you for the post!!!

    This post has such great advice that’s practical and easy to implement. I’m thinking 2015 has loads of ‘pawsibilities’ for my blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Thank you so much for this! I’m glad I am not the only one that needs a little push every once in a while…

    The mini break is a very good idea! That technique helps me immensely.

    Thank you so much for this post! It is really helpful for me. I used the new year to do a fresh start on my blog. In the following weeks I am going to change the layout (always a big motivation for me, when something looks more fresh and organized) and give my upcoming blogposts more structure. I decided to start some post series like a weekly review to always keep my readers updatet, even though I didn’t manage to blog every single day.
    I will definitely save your post in my favorites, so that if I’ll ever lose my motivation again, I know where I can get it again. Again, thank you! xx

    Thank you! this is so helpful post xx

    Good article. I sometimes have does moments that I don’t feel like blogging. The tips you are sharing with us, are great!


    Great post! I feel I have sort of the opposite problem, I have too many things I want to write about at the moment and don’t really know where to start! xx

    I seem to have ups and downs, but my inspiration mostly comes when I de-clutter my mind. The best ideas come to me when I woke up in the middle of the night, so I often have to make a mind list in order to remember them in the morning. Great tips from you guys, it’s good to know there are bloggers with similar occasional issues. Wishing you a wonderful year!
    Anami, xx

    Loving your tips, sometimes its good to take a breather x

    I also find motivation at other blogs. It’s just literally about observing what they do that make them my favorites and then copy-pasting it in my own words, ways and ideas on my blog. Not the actual copy-pasting, that’d be mean and nasty. And also: stop trying to fulfill the blogtips of people who pretend to know exactly what is THE way to blog and start finding your own way to Rome. I wrote a (dutch) blogpost about that today on my own blog, but like to tell people here as well.

    Stop doing what other tell you to do or finding ways that have worked for others and start finding your own flow and happy place online.

    What a lovely post to read! These tips are precious!

    Thank you for this list! I wrote a post about my blogger burn out a few weeks ago – it’s a terrible thing to go through.

    Warm Regards,


    Love these tips and ideas! x

    This post has come around at the perfect time for me as I’ve completely refreshed my blog content for 2015. I believe it’s so important to think big and always have goals in mind for where you want to see you and your blog. You’ve also made me think more about writing more columns and features – as a magazine journalist graduate this is something I miss doing and want to bring more of to my blog!

    Heel handig dit! Ik zit nu even vol inspiratie, maar als er weer een keer een dipje komt zal ik aan je artikel denken:)

    What if you don’t know what is it that you’re the best in? :S

    Ik denk dat iedereen wel eens een dipje heeft, eender wel job. Nu met de kerstperiode bv had ik absoluut geen zin om te schrijven en heb ik dan ook gewoon minder gepost, zoals de meeste bloggers. Doorheen het jaar hou ik wel goede blogposts van anderen of artikelen uit magazines bij, zodat ik me hier kan uit inspireren.

    love this post, thanks for the advise! :)

    These are great tips, thanks! When I am in a blogging dip I always go on other blogs to see what they do and write about and in combination with Weheartit and Tumblr I get so much inspiration :)

    thank you for this!

    thanks for the tips!! it’s true that with the holiday season (i at least) did let go a little, started working a little less, got lazy when it came to posting on social media, etc..

    but i’m so motivated for 2015 now!! i find my motivation in all the good things that i know will come, and those i dont know about yet but im sure will be amazing!

    xx tiphaine |

    Goede tips!

    Goede tips. Ik heb soms van die dipjes en dan weet ik echt niet hoe ik eruit moet komen en hoe ik weer inspiratie kan krijgen


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