7 January 2015
After the home office, it’s happening… My big bedroom make-over

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Your bedroom is the place where dreams are made, so it’s a space worth putting some extra time and effort in. To me, a bedroom should be a hideout where I can forget about the rest of the world for a bit. It’s where I relax after a hard day at work and where I treat myself to some me-time on the weekends while reading newspapers, drinking coffee and fresh juice (and, if I get lucky, cuddle a little in between. Ha! My favourite weekend activity by far).

Hotel rooms always seem to get that interior mix of playful and relaxed just right. How that’s done? I think the secret lies in a) a lot of white and neutrals and b) leaving out what is not strictly necessary. So after a recent trip to yet another dreamy hotel, I decided to take on a brand new interior mission.

I wanted to hotel-ify my bedroom.

Which is why, in exactly one week from now, you’ll read and see all about my bedroom make-over. It’s kind of similar to the way I approached my home office make over – an article that I LOVED putting together. First and foremost: here is a big bunch of inspiration that I’m using and I’ll walk you through all the changes in the makeover post. Let’s aim to make it a our bedrooms the ultimate place to snooze!

(Images: Pinterest, Design sponge, VT Wonen, Erik Olsson)

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