PersonalYara's outfits 22 November 2014
My ‘trying to survive a crazy busy week’-look
yara-look-grijs2 yara-look-grijs3

If ‘Is this my fifteenth or sixteenth consecutive work hour?’ and ‘There’s not enough “Touche Éclat” in the world to cover the dark circles under my eyes’ are daily thoughts, you know you’re probably not getting enough sleep. Until the end of the year, my agenda is jam packed with an exciting and super sized new challenge. There’s not much I love more then learning new skills and expanding my business, but I’ll honestly admit it takes it’s toll on my good looks. ;)

Anyway, it’s the weekend now and it feels kind of nice to be working towards such a specific finish line now that the year is coming to an end.

What are you up to this weekend and do you have any tips for me to keep my head cool in this busy time?

Zara trousers / T by Alexander Wang sweatshirt / Adidas sneakers / Céline trio bag

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