AdvertorialPersonal 7 November 2014

Yellow. It’s not exactly a shade I reach for on a daily base – although this mustard hue is huge for fall. (Endless chic combinations could be made with grey, navy or burgundy – just sayin’). And yet, as seen on your screen, I’m wearing one bright colour from head to toe.

Here’s my twisted logic to it all.

Somehow I find that wearing an entire outfit in the same shade is easier to pull off than pairing different coloured items in one look. Yup, after careful catwalk observation, I’ve totally grown fond of this matchy-matchy style that I used to consider slightly tacky. To me, a top and bottom in the same print or colour feels more modern than ever.

Colour control with ASOS
Do you still struggle wearing boldly coloured items? I feel your pain, but rest assured and take a look at the monochromatic and o so well constructed outfits in this video from ASOS.

ASOS teamed up with British band JUCE! for a video, featuring their unreleased track ‘The Heat’ that is really quite cool. If you click on any of the colours on the colour spectrum below, the video will change to that colour.

And yes, that includes the clothes!

In it to win it!
For now, I can’t get this catchy tune out of my head – I’m even dancing to it while sitting in my office chair as I type this – and I keep pausing at minute 1.55 to have a closer look at that super rad green bomber jacket. Well hello!

The reason I’m bringing it up and suggest you’d watch it too is because… ASOS and I have teamed up with a special give away for you based on the clip. More on that next week so… start getting those wish lists ready! That’s an order!

Everything in this look is by ASOS and will soon be available.

(Photos: Liselotte Fleur)

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