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Blog class: how to make writing a daily habit

Being a blogger usually goes hand in hand with being a writer, as your blog consists not only of photos but of short, witty messages too. But finding the words to match your thoughts can be quite the challenge (writers block, anyone?).

To improve your writing, you should make it a daily habit. Question is, how do you adopt this new writing rhythm and make sure you stick with it? We’ve tackled the topic of writing once before, but we’ve noticed that most of you still find it hard to write every single day. So here are four tips to help you out.

Decide how much you want to write
Before you start this new habit, decide how much you are going to write each day. Writing daily doesn’t mean the same for every blogger, so find a rhythm that works for you. For example, you could make yourself write an hour each day. If a fixed time gives you an instant writers block, you could also go for a certain amount of words instead. The most important thing is that you’re realistic. If you’re a busy bee, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself and set goals that are simply too high: this way you’ll always be disappointed instead of proud on the work you did.

Make it a part of your daily routine
The easiest way to adopt a daily rhythm is by making it part of your routine. Do you always start your mornings with a cup of coffee and the newspaper? Squeeze in twenty minutes, maybe half an hour, to write. After doing this for a week, it will become more and more natural to you. In the end, you won’t even have to remind yourself to do it anymore.

Plan ahead
Why not spend one or two hours a week searching for new topics to write about? If you already know what you’re going to write about, it makes it a lot easier to start. Read other blogs, flip through magazines and write every inspiring idea you come across down in your notebook. Then, when inspiration fails to come to mind, you can simply peek into your notebook and pick a topic that suits your current state of mind. If the topic really excites you, it may also help you stick to your daily writing plan.

Make it easy
You have to be willing to write, if you want writing to become a daily habit. Not too excited yet? Make it easy for yourself. Go to your favorite coffee place, buy yourself some fresh magazines or get yourself a new notebook (you know how much we love those). This way, you’ll get excited about writing even before getting started.

So tell us, do you write often? How do you get your inspiration going?

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    I’m quite sure that you’re a nice blogger. Simply plan your daily routine in order to keep your blog updated and interesting for reading. Fill it up with fascinated materials!dissertation editing services

    dissertation editing services

    I’m quite sure that you’re a nice blogger. Simply plan your daily routine in order to keep your blog updated and interesting for reading. Fill it up with fascinated materials!

    To improve your writing, you should make it a daily habit. Spending one or two hours a week searching for new topics to write about will help you to get more ideas and improve writing on different topics.

    […] keep your eyes open If you write a lot, it can be hard to find new subjects every single time. It’s good to remind yourself that […]

    Great tips! I should definitely write more and make it part of my daily routine (I would automatically post more that way).

    Very true, but so hard to do… We wish you the best of luck! x

    I find that having an editorial calendar and all my posts set out works really well for me, but also by writing every morning before I set out to reply to emails and the rest of my to-do list.

    I just write better in the morning for some reason!

    Great advice. I’m a page a day kind of girl, and I normally write way more once I’m on a roll.

    I try to write every day. With on and off days it’s actually going great.

    I m actually now uploading my images to drafts all the time. Then on my commutes and whenever I get a chance (read when my boss isn’t looking) I try to write all the time for the blog. Everytime I read something or am inspired I jot it down in my notebook which is always in my handbag (I learnt this from a copywriter). Hope this is a handy tip for some, with love

    Writing is new to me. After a year of blogging I am just now starting to view myself as a writer.
    Taking pictures inspires me to write, whether the photo session is of a place, a person, a subject, it is easier afterwards to express my feeling or mood on the experience.
    Writing every day will be a challenge, but one I know I need to take on.

    When in days, I have inspiration to write, I write as much as I can and save posts for later. I’m easily to get inspiration from everything like magazines, youtube, etc. I don’t force myself to write particular amount of words, just say enough that I want.
    Love from

    I’ve been trying to writ my blog ideas down daily, but it hasn’t been happening! The past few months have been so busy to me that I haven’t been doing much writing at all, even on my blog,

    Good post, inspiring us to be more inspired :)

    Thank you for the tips! I am not a natural writer and my blog was started to give people beauty tips since I’m a makeup artist, but I try to pretend I am talking to my friends, not trying to impress any writing teacher and then usually I find some inspiration from that and I just write. then I can go back and check if it sounds alright and tweak from there.
    I will try to write more often though, you are right!

    The new notebook/diary trick always does it for me. Love your posts! :)

    Thanks for the tips! Especially the second one, is a tip I will keep in mind

    Sometimes I think it’s hard to find the inspiration to write for my blog when my days are filled with work and studies. I really like blogging though so every time I feel inspired i take the chance to write down my thoughts. This means I don’t have a schedule for it but write whenever I feel I have inspiration :) xo

    thank you!!

    Elke avond voor het slapen gaan. Tegenwoordig is dat standaard geworden. Dank voor deze tips!

    What an interesting post! I struggle with insecutrity, more than with the fact that it’s a habit. I feel insecurre and then I think: it’s not worth it, I’m going to write an awful piece… and then I don’t write. It’s pathetic, I know, but…


    It really depends on my mood how easily I ca write, sometimes I’ll type two till three blog posts without a problem, other days I’ll struggle with writing only one! For me it works better to go with my mood, otherwise the quality will be rubbish hahaha x

    These are great tips, thanks!

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