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Travel blogs that make you want to pack your suitcase

Travel bloggers have the best jobs in the world: visiting the most beautiful places all over the globe and writing about it. They write about their adventures so we, mere mortals, can visit the most hip and trendy places on our next city trip. Or book our next vacation to an amazing undiscovered destination, before it is swarming with other tourists all looking for the same one-of-a-kind experience.

While our parents used Lonely Planets to prepare for trips, nowadays it’s bloggers who provide us with all the information you need (big bonus: it’s always up to date!). These are five blogs we love, and make us searching the internet for cheap tickets for hours on end:

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World of Wanderlust
The blog from Brooke Saward was a fellow nominee for the Bloglovin’ Award in the Newcomer of the Year-category and after reading her blog you immediately understand why. Her posts are packed with personal tips and she doesn’t only write about dream destinations, but also gives travel tips to get the most out of your journey.
What makes this blog worth a visit? Brook not only writes about travel, but also about experiences (a visit to a reindeer farm for example). She also makes stunning pictures.


Petit Passport
The blog from Pauline Egge is a true gem if you’re looking for a cool coffee place or restaurant when visiting a city you’ve never been before. Pauline has been blogging for a couple of years now so she’s built up quite an archive. She has a very good eye for not only pretty, but also comfortable places.
What makes this blog worth a visit? In the past couple of years Pauline has collected a vast database of hotspots, in all big cities over the world. And she doesn’t forget to mention hotspots in the Netherlands!


Barts Boekje
Another girl with hotspot-antenna’s on her forehead is Maartje from Barts Boekje. She visits new hotspots all over the world, but doesn’t forget about good golden oldies. This site is also a must for brides to be: she has a lot of tips for the perfect wedding!
What makes this blog worth a visit? Not only is Maartje always being spot on with new and old places, she also has a very funny and sharp pen. This makes reading her entries always worth your wile!

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Hand Luggage Only
This is a blog made by two gentleman: Yaya (Cambridge student, dance ninja and cookie monster) and Lloyd (St Andrews student, chocolate fiend and puppy defender. Their awesome sense of humor drips off every single page (or screen, to be exact). They bring you a lot of untraveled gems, like the cutest villages of France, in Buzz-feed like lists.
What makes this blog worth a visit? These guys (are they single?). Without kidding: they write in a funny way and write about original travel destinations, but also have nice articles about food (we always like) and home.


A Restless Transplant
This is the blog of a New York based designer Foster Huntington, who left his job in 2011 and moved into a camper. Since then, Foster has driven 80,000 miles around the American west, camping, surfing and documenting his adventures in narrative posts combined with beautiful photos.
What makes this blog worth a visit? Foster will not provide you with the best restaurants in Paris or with a cute coffee place in Berlin, but his story will make you want to leave in an instant. Why is it that after watching a traveler at heart, you want to go discover new places and embark on adventures?

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    World of Wanderlust is one of my favourite blogs ever.But all these blogs are so inspiring !!

    I’m traveling New Zealand at the moment. Check out my blog :)

    Erin E.

    These are all so inspiring! If I could add one to the list, it would be Entouriste. It features lots of beautiful images and the journeys from some of the world’s best photographers.

    I’ve recently discovered Hand Luggage Only and they’re great! Will definitely check out the rest :)

    I’m a big fan of World of Wanderlust and Hand Luggage Only for the same reasons you did write! I really have to check the others!

    Awesome list! Will definitely check them out :)

    I love World of Wanderlust! That girl sure knows how to travel in style. My favourite part of her blog are her personal accounts of the places that she went to (not to mention the super informative articles)!


    I’d like to recommend an amazing travel blog about traveling with children / as a family. Whether it is a “Mother of All Road Trips” from Texas through the entire east coast (10,000 miles) to a quick trip to a great locale in Texas, this writer knows what family needs and reaches all budgets.

    Thanks for this list. It’s really amazing and I love the photos you’ve chosen.

    Thanks to you, I can discover some new blogs, they all look awesome. Love the Retless Transplant, I’m already a huge fan of them. And World of Wanderlust.

    What an awesome collection! Really love the Restless Transplant blog.

    I knew I should have been a travel blogger.

    Petite Side of Style


    Hope I will be in that list someday! Haha ;)
    WOW is one that I check daily, quite inspiring!

    AMAZING! Need to book a trip somewhere now!

    Ripped Jeans

    I can already tell that this makes my wanderlust even bigger haha. Loved this post :)

    Great pixtures!


    Great article, useful for the upcoming trips.
    Again, a little reminder on the spellchecking before running the article – cities, not city’s, couple of years (not off)

    Hi Madalina,
    Thanks for pointing that out! Changed it and reminding everyone to double check as we speak :)

    Wow. I’m kinda like jealous. With kids going to school there’s no travel around the world right now ;-(

    This is making me exited! Already making plans for this summer!

    Ha, that’s great to hear, Laurie! Enjoy the preparations ;)

    You should check out Girl Vs. Globe too here Sabina is adventurous and hilarious! She has stories more than just about the destination she also shares her unconventional trips like travelling with a Nun, Mexican and a Pimp and also how she spent her 21st birthday in prison! Her blog is a must-read! :)

    Thanks for the tip, Alyssa!

    i love travel blogs!! thank you so much for sharing this :) world of wanderlust is definitely my fave, but i have to say that i also really like tuula vintage – i find her blog to be the perfect balance between a fashion and a travel blog :)

    happy start of the week girls!!

    x tiphaine

    Great blogs! I love looking through the travel blogs, so much inspiration. xo

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