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Looking ridiculous, but feeling great: time to deskercise!

Bend and… snap! Most of us are all working a lot behind a desk: studying, writing papers or working. All this sitting behind a computer screen all day can be quite challenging for the body: we are not built for this kind of labour and therefore it is important to not stay cramped in the same position the whole day.

At first you’ll probably feel a bit awkward doing these behind your desk. Standing up and swinging arms and legs will no doubt get you some surprised looks from your colleagues, but it is worth it. Yara knows first hand how important it is to take a walk outside every know and then, focus on your breathing while staring at your screen (you tend to breathe more shallow when you’re focussed/stressed) and to stretch your body after sitting still for longer periods of time. It takes some getting used to (like every good habit, unfortunately…) but in the end you will get more stuff done. Promise!

Are you ready to liven up your workplace? These are a few easy exercises you can do that help you prevent injury and relax your body at the same time:

The head roll
This stretch is great for a sore neck and is very easy to do. Start with your head straight, then lean forward with your head and relax your neck. Now start making clockwise circles and be sure to stretch your neck as far as you can. After ten circles it is time to go the other way. If you do this a couple times a day, it will make your shoulders and neck feel a lot looser.

Tapping queen
This is great for keeping the blood going in your legs: tapping with your toes underneath your desk. You will get to work on your tap-moves at work by speedily tapping your toes. It’s maybe wise to remove your shoes for this one, since it is likely that you’ll annoy some colleagues with your erratic tapping sounds.

Shoulder rounds
Do you seem to have a permanent knot that has taken refuge between your shoulder blades? Then this one is for you. Sit up straight and move your shoulder blades up. Then make a circle, first going back, under, front and up again. Repeat this ten times and then start making the same circle counter clockwise.

You feel your back could do with some stretching? Try this stretch: go stand behind your desk. Interlace your fingers behind your back, then stretch your arms to the back and move them over your head in front of your body. Try to relax your back and stand like this for 10 to 15 seconds. Bravo, you’re done!

Want to read more about preventing RSI at work? This article has some useful tips. You can also read about Yara’s struggle with RSI here, here and here.

What do you do to relax your body during a day behind the screen?

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