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Ways to make your outfit look expensive

As you may have noticed, we at CHAPTER FRIDAY love us some high end fashion. But, as you can probably relate to, we don’t always have the money to splurge on a new Chanel or a pair of Balenciaga’s. Nevertheless, a few simple items – that may look expensive – can add so much pizazz to your outfit, that it lifts even the summer dress you bought from the five euro sale rack. High-low dressing can be one of the most fun things out there. With a few of these seven easy fixes, your outfit will look like a million dollars. Oh, and don’t forget¬†the most important thing: confidence is key. Carrying yourself with confidence will aaalways make you look better!

1. Alter your clothes
It’s a good idea to get your items tailored. High end stuff is lined and fitted, so spend an extra ten bucks on your H&M dress you bought in a size 38 (because 36 was out of stock…)!

2. Invest in good shoes
Shoes make or break an outfit, that’s one thing we’ve learned ¬†along the way. Wear high quality shoes made of material that lasts for a few years – make sure to take good care of your footgear, leather and suede in particular.

3. Drape a blazer in a sophisticated fabric over your shoulders
Easy! This trick will make you instantly look smooth and smart.

4. A medium-brimmed hat is always a good idea
Not too out there, but a crucial fashion item to spice up every outfit.

5. Invest in a great coat
Your jacket is the first thing people see, so spend some money on a good one – it’s said that jackets look more expensive when they are tighter and tailored as well.

6. Make sure your grooming is impeccable
Neat hair and polished makeup will pull your entire look together in under ten minutes (yep, that’s a challenge!).

7. Opt for some dainty jewelry
With the right jewelry, an outfit can go from blah to fabulous in a heartbeat. Opt for a few dainty rose gold necklaces or choose a more chunky item, let’s say one ear cuff.

(Image via Stockholm Streetstyle)

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