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Blog Class: Some basic knowlegde to keep in mind when you’re starting a blog

It’s a challenging scenario to start your own blog. You might as well have to build it from the ground up. To not drown in a sea of bloggers, it’s necessary to come up with a solid plan. In case you might not know exactly where to begin, we provide you with specific tips on how to take the first leaps into starting your own blog (it might even become a successful business!).

Whereas anyone can take a course in blogging, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will become skilled at it. So here’s a few basics for the starters among us on what to do when you’re setting off your blog. Go kick butt!

Be motivated
If you want to start a blog, motivation is key. There’s millions of blogs out there and you have to work hard to set yourself apart from the rest if you want to become succesful. It’s probably going to be hard and frustrating at times – especially in the beginning – and it’s going to take longer than expected. It’ll take a least a few months before your blog finally sets off. But with a little motivation (on your wall for instance) you can come a long way.

Know what you want to talk about
If answering this question is a stretch for you, then think a little bit harder on your subject. Determine (right away) what you want to talk about and what your unique position in the blogging landscape is. The sooner you can figure out what your blog is going to be about, you can start writing a mission statement and fill in your ‘about’ page. It will bring peace of mind to you and your readers know what you’ll be covering: a reason to come back.

Practice what you preach
Starting your own blog is about doing, not so much about learning. You can read every article about blogging that you can find, but you have to put the knowledge into practice to actually start your blog. If you want to be a great blogger, read about international success stories and the future of blogging. If by you want to be a good writer, write everyday. You don’t necessarily have to put up a blogpost every Monday to Friday, but write in your journal, collect funny quotes from others and keep reading material that inspires you. When you’re stuck: don’t hesitate to take some advice from someone who’s mastering their craft already.

Be kind to yourself
Remember, you can’t learn everything at once. Building up a blog takes time. Don’t go overboard, but take things step by step. Make sure you have a full understanding of the website – how does it work? how do I manage content? how do I manage comments? – before moving on to the next step. There will be some long nights working at your desk, but you’ll see that every minute you put into your blog, will lead you to new places in the end.

Do you have your own blog? How did you make your start as a blogger?

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    This is great info! I started my blog a few months ago and have had a successful start. It’s great to get awesome advice from experienced bloggers like you to make sure I’m heading in the right direction..

    I just started a photography blog with my own work. For now it’s mainly photographs but in the future I will write more and eventually add more topics as well. It just takes time and practice to figure it all out:) My bog is also just a way to get my photos out there, it might lead to something.. you never know

    Vooral weten waarover je moet schrijven is voor mij een dingetje. Ik heb namelijk zo veel onderwerpen die mijn interesseren. Ik wil een modeblog, lifestyle blog en mindstyle blog in een en dat vind ik toch niet helemaal bij elkaar passen om samen te doen. Voor nu blijf ik dit wel doen maar als ik een beslissing heb gemaakt gaan er zeker dingen veranderen op mijn blog.
    Ik hoop dus te ontdekken waar ik echt over wil schrijven door het gewoon te doen.

    I started my personal blog 3 months ago and even though I make baby steps I think it’s going pretty well. Fingers crossed because it’s my whole life right now, the only thing I can do freely and the way I like it and it’s the only thing that expresses my ideas, my style and my whole life. I hope you like it:

    Started my new blog about a month ago and I´m doing babysteps. ;) But at least my motivation ist going strong!

    Wat een mooie blog! Je schrijft erg inspirerend! Dank je wel. Ik zie dat je gaat spreken tijdens het Hema Blog Academy event. Leuk!


    I just started my fashion/Tokyo blog. I’ve always loved to write and taking pictures and have been thinking about starting my own blog for quite a while now. Living in Tokyo and seeing everything magical and strange (at least to a western eye) everyday makes me want to share that with the world. I’m learning new things about blogging everyday and it can be both fun and frustration trying to get everything exactly as I want it.
    Please check out my blog! -Swedish model and blogger in Tokyo

    Years ago I have started as a style blogger in the virtual environment of Second Life and I still have a lot of fun at it (don’t laugh, it’s still fun playing Barbie, even when you’re a grown up girl!).
    The user based content makes it an environment full of awesome creative people, not to mention a great social platform with people from all over the world.
    Much of what you write here applies, just get going, if you keep thinking about it, nothing will happen. Bored with the looks? Change! Bored with your main focus? Add more topics! This is your canvas! I think most people like that better anyway than some perfectly polished blog that oozes “been there, done that”

    … Yet… I am still struggling with the realisation of my personal “real life” blog. Ideas a plenty, but fear of failure even more.

    Keep up the good work, and congratulations with the Bloglovin’nomination!!

    Een blog starten is zo moeilijk! Je ziet een voorbeeld, je denkt ‘wauw, dat is tof, ga ik ook doen!’, maar om dat vol te houden en toch eigen te zijn, is een tak van sport die je zelf moet uitvinden. Nu ben ik nogal perfectionistisch en wilde ik alles in één keer goed doen (mooie foto’s, goede content, een strakke lay-out) terwijl ik nu na een jaar bloggen juist ontdek dat het proces misschien nog wel belangrijker is dan het resultaat wat ik tot nu toe heb bereikt. En dat vind ik persoonlijk misschien wel het leukste aspect van bloggen, de mogelijkheid om jezelf opnieuw uit te vinden.

    Dus ja, ik heb nog niet zo veel volgers, maar misschien ben ik daar ook nog helemaal niet klaar voor. Mijn blog en ik moeten samen groeien (hoe filosofisch klinkt dat).

    Chapter friday is wel mijn grote, grote voorbeeld wat bloggen betreft, en ik hoop nog eens een Blog Class Event bij te kunnen wonen!

    Samen groeien klopt juist helemaal. Na een tijdje weet je pas echt wat je stijl is, waar lezers op reageren en waar je zelf energie van krijgt. Vooral lekker experimenteren (en juist andere dingen doen dan de rest… wie zegt dat een blog altijd drie foto’s met een alinea tekst moet zijn? Misschien zijn illustraties of dagelijkse mini-videos juist wel verrassender).

    En wat ontzettend leuk om te horen! Dankjewel. We zijn hard aan ‘t werk voor een supereditie van het Blog Class Event dit najaar/deze winter!

    I read a tonne of articles before starting my own blog but I think in the end you just have to start and allow yourself to grow and get better as you go. Totally agree that the more you write the better and easier it becomes :)

    I have been blogging for 7 years and I cannot believe how much things have said. Back in the day there was just so much creativity and while there still is it seems most things have turned more the business way. Love your blog and cannot believe I am just finding it.

    Thank you Noor!

    […] + Know someone starting a blog, or starting one yourself? Here are some of the basics you should know. […]


    I have tried being a fashion blogger and that flopped, a politics blogger (I’m such a politics nerd and I love news) but that was not working out either, I couldn’t hit a good audience.

    Now I travel blog, I don’t have many followers but I adore what I write and that’s what counts. I have a lot of fun with my blog!

    p.s. the blog is … I almost forgot that bit!

    Oh I love to read all the readers’ comments on this post!! So recognizable.

    I have had quite a few blogs in the past, changed styles and subjects every time. And I think it helped me to discover myself and what blogging is all about.
    Now I enjoy reading other bloggers’ content and put out there what is REALLY ME.

    I love to dress well and shop, but don’t have the money and passion to create a new outfit every day. Why did I start a fashion blog?
    I have two left hands.. Those DIY projects where a real failure!!

    Hey! My photography skills are getting so much better, and I am actually enjoying this.. Let’s start a photography journal..
    And here I am on FreeCarnation .com

    So happy to have created an online reflection of myself.

    We love how everyone comments and respons as well! It’s all about the dialogue!

    My firend and I have a quite new blog, so we are now trying to make it more cohesive. Beauty + DIY are our main goals. I find a lot of what you wrote true, thank you for this great post :).

    Glad we could help ;)

    great post!


    I have a blog, well, I’ve had many throughout the years. But this time I’m trying to really go for it. It started off as a fashion blog, but the aim was to write about being a student in architecture. Now that I just started studying my dream subject this week, I have been determined to blog about it. Still I find it difficult to know exactly what to share and what not to share. I haven’t taken many pictures this first week either because it’s all about getting to know each other. And I still struggle with asking people (even friends) to take pictures of me… Even though I really wanted to read blogs by architecture students, I still wonder if that is of any interest to others? Architecture student life+personal style+Interior? What do you think girls?

    Well, I have started my first blog in wordpress like 4 years ago in 2010, but by that time I was actually too shy to put myself out there (true story), so I just kept doing my thing for 2 years straight just because I really loved what I was doing even though no one followed me or even knew me. It was only two years because in 2012 I was already under my own domain and the server went down and never came back (yup, not so funny)… well i missed it everyday (i tried to get it back but never happened).

    By that time i was also graduating in philosophy, so i just decided to finish it first and then focus on my dreams… so last year I graduated, and now i felt like it was time to get back on track (but this time i want people to know, i would love people to be there, i want to know that what i’m doing actually inspires them), so I just launched my brand new blog this month.. yes, i’m super motivated, but sometimes it’s also very frustrating, because I keep thinking “will someone get to know my blog?”, “will people love it?” “will anyone ever follow me?”, because I truly love what I’m doing, I do, but you get loads of motivation to keep doing what you do, to keep improving everyday when you know that there are people coming for more everyday because they love it as well… that must be a true thrill!!

    Thank you for this!!

    We think it’s amazing that you’re still pursuing your dreams, even though things went wrong before … It’s great to see how motivated go getter girls can be!

    I started my blog when I wanted to get the creativity in my mind out in the world and I love blogging. I can talk about whatever I want :) x

    I spent years waiting around for my blog to just be discovered and take off, and it was so upsetting. Then I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, network, enjoy other people’s content, encourage other bloggers and feel pleased for them when they did well, and finally things are coming together for me. It’s my dream to be able to do this for a living, and I’ve found that a positive attitude has made all the difference as I make my way towards my goal!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    That’s a great step you took!

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

    yes ! agree !

    Great advice. I think a lot of bloggers who just started will find this helpfull. I started blogging 2 years ago. In the beginning it was very hard, I made tons of mistakes and continuosly questioned myself and my ability to write, because where were those visitors? But indeed, after some long months it took off. And it has been the most interesting and inspiring project I ever started. It brought me things I never could have imagined. Also, don’t beat yourself up when you don’t have a clear direction in the beginning, I found out that this is also something that develops over time. You find your own voice and discover what you love to write about :-)

    Fijn om te lezen :-). Ik ben ooit (9 jaar geleden alweer, pfjiew!) begonnen met bloggen omdat ik gek ben op schrijven en delen. Mijn blog is in essentie niet veel veranderd: het is mijn online journal over alles wat ík leuk vind :-) Alleen lezen er inmiddels wat meer mensen mee ;-)

    Leuke tips! Persoonlijk ben ik er gewoon op een dag mee begonnen en probeer ik mijn blog dagelijks te verbeteren door bv. de elementen van andere blogs op te pikken die ik zelf goed vind. Vanaf het begin hield ik wel al veel inspiratie bij uit tijdschriften,…

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