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What it’s like being a twin… and meet my twin brother Milan!

I’ve often been asked what it’s like being one half of a twin. With no other references – it’s just me and my twin brother Milan at our home – I’d guess that it’s something like having a brother-and-sister-bond, but times two. There’s something pretty special about growing up literally exactly at the same time, and going through every stage of life as a duo.

We’ve counted down the seconds to our 10th birthday together (‘now we’re really mature! combined we’re twenty years old!’), went off to high school the same year (with little backpacks and on ‘real’ bikes), had our inside jokes that our parents didn’t know about, stuck together on month-long holidays that took us to Asia, South America and the States (like that one time we were six and made up our own language? Must have been so terribly annoying for our parents). And we even lived together for three-and-a-half years in Amsterdam. In an apartment that in no way was big enough to house the both us, our boyfriend and girlfriend all the while keeping sane. We wanted to smash each others brains out at times.

By now, we’ve gone our separate ways and still live about five minutes away from each other, and we’re the best of friends. We’re always happy together and know we’ve got each others’ back no matter what. It’s not like we’re mind readers as twins, but we can always tell how someone is really feeling. Just by the way our voices sounds or little things we do. (If Milan gets irritated, he can’t sit still and starts talking a lot faster. It’s pretty funny, actually). We’re both super busy (Milan is an accountant at a big international firm and I’m incredibly proud!), but there’s a little What’s App message every day or so. Yup, we’ve got this twin selfie game on lock.

Anyway, I can’t say anything other than that these images kind of speak for themselves to answer the question ‘what’s it like to be a twin?’. It’s the best! Someone’s always looking out for you, and there’s always someone to celebrate your birthday with! And in case you are all up for some more if this bromance happiness on CHAPTER FRIDAY every now and then, I’ve already come up with some pretty catchy titles. What the Twin wears or This Twin’s got style anyone?


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    These pictures are just too adorable!!

    […] first; let’s celebrate. I’m meeting up with my twin brother Milan, obviously, and since it’s the perfect breezy summer day we’re taking our family to the […]

    Haha wat grappig om te zien. Ik heb les gehad van je pa, maar nu ik jullie samen zie, zie ik helemaal de gelijkenissen! Wat lijken jullie op elkaar zeg. Super leuk!

    Superleuk zeg!

    ZO SCHATTIG. That is all. Really though.

    Haha! :D

    hi,, just visit this site,, have a nice day :)

    Echt heel leuk om jullie zo eens samen te zien!

    Wat een leuke post en die foto’s zijn super leuk van jullie!

    Maar de hamvraag bij tweelingen: wie is de oudste? :-) Hoewel jullie in lengte flink schelen, vind ik wel dat bepaalde gezichtstrekjes hetzelfde zijn, zoals jullie mond en lach. Ik heb een jonger broertje, maar ervaar gelukkig ook die band die je beschrijft.

    Hij is tien minuten ouder ;) Dat van die mond horen we vaak, ja! Wat leuk om te horen dat jij ook zoiets ervaart met jouw broer.

    Wow you’re brother is so tall! I love his stripe tee!


    Having someone to always celebrate your birthday with is probably great!

    – Christina


    What a handsome brother you have. Is he single? ;)

    casual chic!

    I’m so much older than my brother and sister – I kind of wish I knew what that kind of sibling bond is like! But I guess I get the advantage of getting to see them grow up from tiny children into little adults (one day!) Oh god, when they’re my age, I am going to be so OLD!!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    Great post! Hi, Milan! ;)

    This is such a sweet article! Sounds like you have an amazing relationship with your twin! As for the rest of us who don’t have a twin we can admire yours


    Super lovely images and comment! Such a great team!
    Kiss, Alena | meet me stylish

    This is such a nice article. I don’t have a twin but I do have a brother only a few years younger than me but when you explained your relationship with your twin brother, it sounds like your describing my relationship my brother too. Maybe it’s in the age, growing up doing almost the same things that keeps it special and unique from other siblings :)

    Such a nice article, loved it :) x

    Wat een leuk en lief artikel!

    so sweeeet



    Sometime I wish I was that close to my twin as you are to yours. My brother and I go in fazes of being close, more when we were younger, less so now. But you a right, there is something special about being a twin and only someone who is a twin will understand it :)

    I hope you’ll be able to get back that special bond. I find that doing stuff together, like going to a concert or museum or just for a walk or coffee is always fun!

    Wat leuk om te lezen!

    Wat een leuk artikel! Leuk om te lezen.

    That is so great, am a twin myself but we have pretty much lived separate lives and anytime I say I have a twin bro, I get this don’t lie to me look. We are close but we live in different states and do polar opposite jobs. But we totally understand each others mood and personality.

    How great to read this article being a mother of mixed-twins almost 6 years old. I hope they’ll grow up having a special bond together like you have with your brother.


    Love it! Great photos!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


    Ik ben ook een tweeling, snap precies wat je bedoeld.. En this twin’s got style, yes please!

    Haha, YES!

    How utterly adorable!… lovely post.x

    Wat een super leuke post dit en onwijs lieve foto’s!! En jullie lijken ook echt op elkaar zeg :)


    In my opinion twins are much more connected together than other siblings – and your wonderful pictures are for sure a proof for this thesis!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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