17 August 2014
Beauty classics: L:A Bruket hand cream

When it comes to buying beauty and skincare products, the same rule of thumb as in fashion applies. Quality over quantity! I’ve been fortunate enough to get sent the latest beauty products all the time, and it’s great fun testing and trying new colours and formulas. Really, I find it super soothing to play around with make-up (every now and then I’ll give myself a smoky eye and pretend I’m a make-up artist working backstage at Fashion Week. And whenever I travel I stock up at Sephora and pretend those are souvenirs).

But when it comes down to my personal purchases I usually prefer investing in a small number of classics. Which involves another favorite one of my beauty habits, which is doing extensive research. (I’ll easily spend two hours watching certain beauty YouTubers discuss the differences between Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 and 2). Through many digital channels I came across the organic hand creams of Swedish beauty cult brand L:A Bruket.

As a Dutchie I can surely relate to the Swedish lifestyle this cream was designed for, with a combination of harsh wind, bright sunshine, busy cities and small beach towns. The creams have a unique smell with hints of lemongrass, rosemary or wild roses. I’m currently using number 92 with rosemary and lavender (turns out, I’m not a great fan of lavender. But I do really appreciate the thinner texture). And, in all fairness, it was the apothecary style packaging that totally drew me in. So when it comes to these, it’s not just the inside that counts.

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