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Welcome to my wardrobe, you big sister of the mini skirt!

For years I thought that pencil skirt were too mature or too formal to suit my style. Turns out, they’re really the more work appropriate big sister of the mini skirt! (Scroll through an inspiration post here.) With the right dressing formula, wearing a pencil skirt can be just as fun. The way I see it, styling a pencil skirt is incredibly easy. For tops I always go for either a sweat shirt, a cami top with super thin straps or a rock ‘n roll t-shirt . This way the top is either a bit casual, a bit chic or edgy – but never too formal.

I always try to find skirts that go in a color or a print that’s a bit playful, rather than one that’s part of a work suit. As far as shoes go, strappy sandals or pointed courts work best for me. I would never this kind of skirt with ankle boots, because there’s already so much leg covered ;) To make this look a bit more casual and less office-like, I usually carry a smaller bag like my tiny baby Mulberry bag or Chanel.

By applying this super easy formula, dressing takes a matter of minutes! You look professional, streamlined, feminine and pretty comfortable at the same time. It’s so much fun to see that a garment that I never considered to be my style is taking over my skirt department! Have you ever had the same happen?

ZARA pencil skirt / Pull & Bear shirt/ Chanel bag / Sandro heels

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