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Playlist by… illustrator and DJ Rox Dekker

Nothing beats a good Friday afternoon tune blasting through the office. So CHAPTER FRIDAY asks the experts to serve up 10 special songs with a short story.

Kicking off this new returning section called Playlist By is Roxanne Dekker, a talented illustrator (and part-time dj with her best friends, called the Pony Peaches). Rox tells stories with colorful collages, watercolor paintings and drawings and her latest musical project is called ‘My Favourites‘. While listening to your favorite song, she intuitively expresses herself with watercolor, creating a painting that reflects the mood of the music. Let’s see what her personal classics are:

1. Song you fall asleep to

Sweetest taboo – Sade
Ah, the countless nights I’ve fallen asleep with Sade’s sultry voice singing to me through my headphones. This also happened to be one of the first songs I painted with ‘My Favourites’.

2. Song that reminds me of…

Chromeo – 100%
This tune reminds me of my 30th birthday. I celebrated on the beach with my friend Erin and it was the most amazing birthday ever, I couldn’t even sleep because I was so hyped to see the sun come up.

3. Lovemaking song

Sunni Colon – Temple
Well… I just discovered the music by this gentlemen who sounds incredibly enough just like Frank Ocean. I’ve put him on my ‘Crush’ playlist, not a day goes by I don’t play a song by Sunni ;)

4. Wish I made this song

Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror
To most 80’s children I guess I don’t have to explain, but ever since I heard this song as a little girl, I’m so moved by it.

5. Ultime chill tune

The Vibes Is Right- Barrington Levy
Last year, I went to Jamaica with three music freaks who were going to shoot a music video over there. We listened to Barrington Levy on repeat. One of the guys came up with ‘The Vibes Is Right’ when we arrived at a fantastic apartment overlooking a valley. Well, just listen, you’ll understand.

6. Vacuum cleaning song

Ayer – Circle Down
If I’m vacuuming I’m usually listening to my ‘Poolside Radio playlist’, it is full of new (disco) music with fine finds and I listening to this athem on repeat.

7. Rewind!

Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares for Me
Video clips attracted my attention at quite a young age, so next to typical childrens stuff, I especially remember music by the video clips. This one is definitely worth looking at.

8. Ultime party tune

Full Crate ft Papa Ghana – L’Afrique
Listen & dance. You cannot sit still!

9. Guilty pleasure

Lionel Richie – Hello
Everything Sky Radio (a kind of corny Dutch radio channel) playes. From ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie to ‘Angel Eyes’ by Wet, Wet, Wet. I can still see myself swooning in my room.

10. I love this song so much I want to cuddle it

R. Kelly – Step in the Name of Love
Ooh this is so hard!! I have a lot and for every mood another one. Let’s just say that you always make me happy with R.Kelly.

(Photo by Ilja Keizer Photography – from the lookbook of Ivy & Liv were Rox painted on ‘This is What Makes Us Girls’ for)

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    I really enjoyed this post, we like a lot of the same types of music :) Thanks for introducing me to Frank Ocean Jr. lol

    Yay! We ADORE Frank Ocean!



    Cool chick and Cool songs!!

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