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How to deal with not getting that job

You’ve sent an kick-ass CV (read our tips to fine-tune your resume here!) to your dream company, had the interview and have been checking your email every 10 minutes waiting for the judgement. After feeling like you did great and that you’re on the verge of world domination, how do you deal with being told that you just aren’t the right person for the job?

Happy thoughts
Whatever happens, remember that you are incredible. Yes, it really sucks that you didn’t get the job, but there’s likely to be many more amazing jobs that may even be more perfect (as an ice cream tester). Life always has it’s ups and downs, this dip will be sure to pass soon.

Hey, thanks!
After all, you got to the interview stage. Write a thank you note for their consideration and you might just get a call or email later. This also makes you look super professional, easy to work with and helps you stick.

Never say never (and we don’t mean that Justin Bieber song)
Maybe they really thought you were great, but thought you needed another few years to grow and hone your skills, or were better suited to a different position. Don’t write off the company just yet. Keep your eye on other available jobs in the same office and keep trying.

Be proud of your achievements
Hell, one of the most difficult aspects of job hunting is even making it to an interview. Be proud of that achievement and know that it means people in the right work field see your potential.

There is a better yes down the road
So, somehow this job wasn’t a right fit for you right now. Trust that when the answer is no, there is a better yes down the road. You’ll see that when you look back in months or years from now.

Business will be business
Did the job go to someone you know? Don’t let a friendship be ruined by something like her getting a promotion over you. Business is a tinsy bit luck, a lotta education and partially just being the right individual for a specific function. Your time will come!

I get by with a little help from my friends
We’ve all given advice to friends and family who need it. And so just when you need it, they’ll be sure to swoop in and give you some good ol’ advice and give you a much needed big hug.

Shower power + cuddles from friends + snacks
Just like you do for them, your friends will swoop in and give you some advice and a big hug. A long hot shower or bath will do wonders, and helps you deal with stress, anger or anything else. Hopefully you’ll get a shower lightbulb moment and get a fresh perspective on the situation. Like: this situation needs friends, tracksuits, popcorn. And sorbet. And Heart of Dixie.

What did you learn from not getting that job, or how do you deal with job rejection?

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