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17 Lazy weekend chick movies

There’s not much that makes the weekend better than snuggling up in a blanket and watching your favorite movies over and over again. The CHAPTER FRIDAY team brainstormed and compiled a list of favorites that hopefully includes one (or two, or three..) that will make your day.

1. 10 Things I Hate About You – Essential to a successful girls night in, this movie is a must. As well as popcorn. And marshmallows.

2. The Perks of Being A Wallflower – We’ve all probably heard of this movie, but maybe you just haven’t watched it yet. If not, do so now.

3. Rushmore – A ridiculously over-involved prep school student gets put on probation. ‘Nuff said.

4. Bridget Jones’s Diary – Because Bridget is the mostly oddly, worst dressed, hilarious and relatable woman on screen.


5. 500 Days of Summer – Cute as can be, this L.A set movie is literally romance.

6. Juno – The perfect quirky teenage love story about two friends and an awkward pregnancy.

7. Little Miss Sunshine – This movie is a crowd pleaser, in the best of ways, one of the cutest movies out there.

8. Bridesmaids – Booze, anxiety and bridal drama, this movie is definitely notorious.

Breakfast at Tiffany's 1

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – You just can’t go wrong with Audrey Hepburn. Or Tiffanny’s, for that matter.

10. Anchorman – You probably know every quote by heart, if you don’t, here’s your chance to join us. Anchorman is like comfort food itself.

11. Silver Linings’ Playbook – Warm, lovely and wise to the world, this movie’s perfect for snuggling up in a blanket and an early night.

12. Heathers – Mean girls but better. Is it really possible? Well, watch it and see!

clueless outfits

13.  Clueless – This film has inspired us since we were 90’s tweens. Inspiring a generation of girls, this romantic comedy is one of the best satires of California girls.

14. Best In Show – If you haven’t seen this, ever, then you have the wrong priorities, because this is brilliant.

15. Safety not Guaranteed – If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, you had better watch our beloved April being just as wonderfully weird here.

16. Dirty dancing – For the love of Patrick Swayze’s arms (that lift in the water!) and because nobody puts Baby in a corner.

17. Amélie – The one foreign film almost everyone has seen or should see eight times because it’s so incredibly sweet and charming.  

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    This is amazing list of movies! I would also recommend them. You have found a balance between classics, epic and modern :) Should definitely watch some of these again this weekend. However, first I have to see the new Bridget Jones movie even though it will hurt to see Patrick in a different role.

    Oh how I love Bridget Jones! If you love Amelie and cand get a hold of L’auberge espagnol in English, or the following movies (Les Poupées Russes and Casse-Tete chinois), please do so! It’s about an international gang of friens who meet in Barcelona and all the cultural differences that ensue ;)

    I really love Amelie too! It’s a really sweet french film.

    I’m also curious about Heathers! Will watch it soon! ^-^

    Perfect post! :) Better get started right away, hahah


    omg it’s like this post was written for me! I have been on a chick-flick marathon lately. You have given me a mission to watch all the movies on this list lol

    CLUELESS!!!!!!!!!!! love!!!!!!! :*

    GIVEAWAY on my blog!

    Thanks for the tips, I’m always searching for new/old movies to watch!

    Nice list! Thank you for sharing!

    love them all!!!


    A tip: Stuck in Love is a beautiful and romantic movie

    I don’t know some of them, or at least I don’t recognize them because my country always changed the titles of the movies. But I saw some of them. I really like 500 Days of Summer 10 Things I Hate About You. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic. Heathers (not Heather) is so mean! I don’t remember it very well but I liked it.

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