At Home WithPassion 8 May 2014
At home with visual designer and student Iman
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After a hard day’s work, you’re home should be the one place to find peace of mind and body. A balanced apartment (or family home/ studio/tiny room in a great city) makes it easy to unwind, sit back and relax with a cup of tea and a two seasons of GIRLS to catch up with.  To find out how other young creatives cocoon and chill out at their crib, CHAPTER FRIDAY asks fellow hardworking souls how they calm down and cool off at home. Starting the series How you chill at home is the supersweet and talented Iman Whitfield (23).

Iman will be graduating at the Willem The Kooning Academy (study Lifestyle & Design) soon and in her spare time works as a visual designer and art director for upcoming fashion brands and labels such as Lovestoned. She’ll travel to Bali this September to create jewelry for their own aspiring brand, while sleeping underneath the stars. This girl in on a mission to create a better world for brands, and already created a perfect mini-universe in her 40 square meter studio in the heart of Amsterdam.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home?
I prefer not to wear shoes, so I kick those off right away. Shoes and I… we’re in a love-hate relationship: I’m constantly buying great new ones and definitely collect them, but mostly they end up being drooled at from a distance.

Your favorite chill spot?
In the corner by the window in my butterfly chair. I could sit there in the sun all day. My bed is my second favorite spot, since I haven’t found a great couch yet. But it’s tricky ’cause I fall asleep all the time, haha. Sitting on the ground can be cozy as well. When friends come over we just eat on rugs on the floor. What I discovered in the five months I live here: being all by myself I cherish most. I thought I would invite tons of people over, but it’s really my personal place.

How would you describe your interior style?
As a chaotic person – you could say a tat bit neurotic – I need calming tones. Cool gray soothes me and so does green. Oh! And everything should be neat and straight, almost as if you walk into a store. I mostly use industrial and earthy materials like scrap wood and metal, as those work nicely with white furniture and my clean walls.

4 tips & tricks by Iman to cozify your home:
1. First: stop thinking you need a couch! There are so much more ways to hang out, rather create multiple comfy spots at home.
2. Hang lots of flowing fabric above your bed, draped like a mosquito net. Hello tropical island vibes! This creates a small nest inside your bedroom – a special place to fully unwind.
3. Buy lots of plants. These fellas brighten up your home and makes it more lively and grounded.
4. Let the ligt in. Use as much natural sunlight as possible, and place smaller lamps everywhere.

About all the pretty stuff in the pics:
Rug is from Hutspot – Mosquito net via – Baskets and bedspread bought in Ibiza – Butterfly chair from Iman’s parents – Goat rugs from IKEA – Green vintage chairs via Jan Eef Pop-up Store – Plants via Intratuin – Coathangers by HAY – Lamp with bulb is handmade by Iman – She also plastered the walls all by herself (chick points!)

(Text by Kelly Nederlof – pictures by Karen van Duijvenbode)

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    Wow, super leuk! Ik denk dat ik nu serieus maar op zoek moet gaan naar een mooi doek voor mijn bed. Ik slaap op een verhoging, dus kan er mooi een permanente hut van maken (childhood memories much ;) )


    Amazing space and sense!

    Ziet er heel leuk en relaxt uit!

    Having time to chill at home is one of my very favorite past times and I have quite a list of things that I love to do when the opportunity presents itself. I put it up in a post a while back, check it out if you have some time:

    In one of my previous apartments my landlord actually set up a mosquito net over my bed. It was a really old apartment in a really old building, but that little touch was so enchanting, haha! Definitely need to find some fabric & do this again.

    xo, Manda

    Wat een prachtige inrichting! Lekker rustig thuiskomen is dit :)

    Seems like a gorgeous studio! (and what a fun idea for a series)

    Thanks Nina! Serious interior envy, right? ;)

    Lovely series:) Will definitely follow this one. X

    Wat een super leuke rubriek, heel inspirerend! Mooie stijl qua inrichting :)

    Leuke nieuwe rubriek! Benieuwd wat voor leuk interieur we allemaal te zien krijgen :)


    Wat een leuke nieuwe categorie! En wederom super mooie foto’s! :)


    Jaaa, Karen is echt zo ongelofelijk goed!

    love this :)

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