PersonalYara's outfits 13 May 2014
Curve hugging and butt-kicking

It’s been a hectic few weeks, getting CHAPTER FRIDAY up and running. We’re celebrating the first month this week and I couldn’t be more proud, happy and humbled by your support.

We’re posting at least four new articles every day (still working on getting that right for the weekend as well), ranging from career tips (like how to make your resume stand out, or what to learn from not getting that job?) to other life improvement articles – say, about, what our lazy weekend girl movies are, how to put together the perfect bar cart, or how to stop overspending.

In the mean time, I noticed I had been running a bit too fast. Coming back from LA, where the idea for CHAPTER FRIDAY became real and working non-stop there, then hosting two Blog Class Events, then working on the launch every day and doing other projects in between. It was a great few months, but I was incredibly relieved to see that I finally had a totally empty schedule on the weekend. It had been ages!

I managed to recharge a bit and noticed once again how much easier everything goes when you get enough sleep. I’m back on track today, happier and ready to go kick some serious ass in the second month of CHAPTER FRIDAY. Which is why it totally makes sense to wear my most curve-hugging (embrace those boobs and booties girls!) skirt to work.

Butt-kick-day, let’s go.

H&M top and skirt / Alexander Wang heels

(Photos by Karen van Duijvenbode)

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