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5 simple ways to make work less stressful

You’re the key to success at the office, you’ve reached the top and now you’re the boss. Or head of a department. Or just really stressed. We all get stressed now and the and if you haven’t figured out a method to cope with the pressure, now is the time.

1. Guidelines for the win
By creating a set of guidelines for you and your co-workers to follow you’ll be sure to feel at least a tad less stressed. Some guidelines may include quiet rooms, flexible hours, long vacations and the banning of internal emails between 6 p.m and 7 a.m, these may just do you wonders.

2.  Vision of success
Hopefully you and your co-workers are all working towards a common goal. Why not make sure that you’re all on the same page and see what you can all do to help each other success. You may just get an extra helping hand from some in the office you didn’t even met yet.

3. Sharing = caring
Share the labour. You may  do it best, but you won’t be able to do it best if you’re rushing. Divide your tasks where you can and let people help you.

4. Enjoy it
We all have days where we’re overwhelmed with stress, but hey, at least you do have a job you enjoy. Most of the time. Get things done and enjoy getting things done, stress can sometimes incentivise us to be the best that we can be and can make us write 10 articles in a day/style a whole fashion shoot/finish homework. High five!

5. Surround yourself with L.O.V.E.
We all get a little cattish when we’re stressed. Accidentally told your best friend you want her to stop talking. Said that you couldn’t see your boyfriend the next day because you were too busy. By surrounding yourself from time to time with the people you love and know you best, you will feel more happy and relaxed. They may even bring you a jar of Ben & Jerry’s when you’re feeling troubled.

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    These are awesome tips , thank you for sharing !
    I take the opportunity to tell you that I absolutely love Chapter Friday ! So much inspirations. Wish you the best

    All true! Another good one is just to keep your desk cleaned off. It can really do wonders.

    Wat een handige tips!

    These are great tips!Thank you for sharing! xoxo

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