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Styling my night stand

The way I style my night stand switches up from time to time. One of my favorite things to do, interior wise, is creating little corners and pretending my home is a boutique. As you could tell from the recent peek in to my apartment. I like displaying my art and things that mean something or that simply make me smile because they’re pretty, such as a fresh flower. My night stand styling almost always includes:

1. A single flower.  Because I think every room needs something green. A single flower is a bit more elegant and I don’t need a bunch of color next to my head when I’m sleeping.

2. A scented candle that I never light. Because I want it to give off a very subtle fragrance. This one is Jo Malone

3. A fun way to store my daily jewelry. It could be on little trays, in a glass box or, as right now, on a palmistry hand. I think I got this one at Urban Outfitters. Hay sells a pretty wooden one that I have as well.

4. A framed card or photo. I have prints and quotes all over my house. Some taped to the wall with Japanese washi tape (which is made of paper. You can write on it and it comes off your wall easily). Others prints are framed but standing on the floor. This is a Marilyn Monroe photo that I picked up for a really good deal at a tiny bookstore having it’s closing sale. It’s sad that stores like that, packed with old prints and books, don’t survive today. I made it my mission to purchase everything I could to support.

5. And then some. Other elements, like the perfume bottle and Chanel cream are on there now simply because I think they look pretty (oops, I’m a superficial night stand styler!). The initials mug is by Playtype – an incredibly awesome and pretty affordable typographic art shop. The metal tray is vintage, I picked it up at one of my favorite vintage industrial stores called Harvest & Co.

What does your night stand look like, is it totally clean or do you like to style little corners too?

photo by Karen

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