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Ways to define your personal style

One of the most fun parts of wardrobe building is carefully editing your closet and creating a vision or style direction. Knowing what vibe you want to give off, what you feel best in and analyzing your closet and favorite style icons, makes it easier to come up with unique outfits. What many of us modern day girls want – like designer Anine Bing told us in an interview – is a carefully curated and rather small wardrobe consisting of pieces you all absolutely love. Here are seven steps to help you define your personal style. And the magic happens in the comments: tell us if you have any tips to defining your signature style!

1. Do your research
Grab your pencil! Fashion is constantly influenced by culture, by art and by icons of the past. Do your homework and investigate fashion history in order to better understand current trends. Read about your favorite fashion houses, about style in different decades, about fabrics, and about larger-than-life style icons who all had a clear signature look, like Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger.

2. Make it visual
It might seem odd to look at others to define your style, but seeing photographs of the fashion industry in crowd or well dressed celerities might bring you new ideas and help get a sense of your taste. Creating a mood board – or take it to Pinterest, Tumblr, a blog or Instagram – with all the favorite outfits and street style snaps that you think you could pull off. This is something to constantly update and will function as reference while you are putting together looks or during shopping sprees.

3. Reflect on your moodboard
You’ve put together all your favorite images, now it’s time to have a closer look. Try to define the looks that you are most attracted to – is that modern, bohemian, feminine or clean? Most likely you’ll use a few key words to describe your style of choice.

4. Look in to your closet
After looking to other for inspiration, take a deep, long stare in to your closet and try to find patterns. What item do you keep on buying? Is your wardrobe packed with striped tops, leather jackets or boyfriend jeans? Apparently those are pieces you feel comfortable and confident in. Select three favorite items as the base for your style and hang those in sight, perhaps on a clothing rack. Another tip might be to take a quick mirror selfie every day, to document what you wear and look back to see what did and didn’t work well for you and your body type.

5. Figure out your best assets
Do you have legs that never seem to end? Well, we’re jealous. Do you have slim shoulders or a gorgeous waist? Don’t be afraid to show off your most beautiful and special body parts. This will not only help your personal style, it will also help you become more confident overall. 

6. Invest in the basics
Basics are your holy grail, basically. Adding quality basics to your closet will be the best thing you can do to give you a variety of outfit choices. You’ll add trends in accessories or more affordable high street items, but if you’ve got the base covered you’ll look great no matter what season, trend, or occasion. Easy as one, two, three. Investment pieces could be: black jeans, a boyfriend blazer, a leather jacket, soft white and striped t-shirts, a black trouser, a white button down, a cool dress with a twist and a grey sweater.

7. Confidence is the best accessory
Staying true to yourself is key in creating a definitive style. Do you looooove heels but hate sneakers? Well, don’t force yourself to wear sneakers just because your celeb style twin was wearing some. Knowing who you are and how you want to portray yourself will help you create a solid idea of what to wear. Maybe even write down what key points of your personality and see if this translates to your style. After all, confidence is the best accessory! Stick to what feels like you and go get ’em tiger! 

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    Thanks for such great tips!


    What a great post in taking the first steps to defining your personal style. Accentuating your assets and having confidence are perfect ways to start solidifying your signature look once you know what style you would like to project and are comfortable with. I have a few tips on my blog as well and would love your input!

    […] Chapter Friday – Ways to define your personal style Sinds Yara van This Chick’s Got Style naar Chapter Friday gegaan is, lees ik haar blog nog veel vaker. Ik heb het idee dat de posts echt gericht zijn op dames van mijn leeftijd, en dat zie ik niet zo heel vaak. Ik lees altijd graag over tips hoe je je persoonlijke stijl kunt verbeteren of ontwikkelen. Dit is zo’n post. […]

    nice pict :D so sexy leg

    Really good suggestions, Yara!

    Love it! Although it stays hard to hold on to a style that is appropriate for weekends AND working days. I work in quite a corporate environment and my bit boyish style is hard to hold on to. Besides just clothes I also have a work-style make-up. Makes a whole lot of difference too!

    Any suggestions on how to evolve your style during pregnancy? Am doing my best to cope but suddenly my Alexander Wang tshirts and jeans feel frumpy without my heels!

    amazing pair!

    I loved this post, definitely going to bookmark it. I’m going through a bit of a style transformation at the moment, but really can’t afford to throw away my entire wardrobe. I’m trying to see what pieces fit into the way that I see my style now.

    Haha, zo vreemd, ik heb hier gisteren ook een post over geschreven :). Wel fijn om te lezen en ik denk dat ik onderaan een link naar deze post ga zetten. X

    I’ve been working on my style for ages now but I guess this was very needed. Thanks!

    Very interesting!!

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! x Savannah

    Yes! So true! Thanks babe!

    Joy | |

    !!! GREAT POST !!! and thank you so much for yesterdays advice about platinum hair !! ordered it straight from nelly :)))


    Ah such a nice article!!! :) Great tips!


    Leuke tips!

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