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Things to know if you’re considering platinum hair

I’ve been a blonde my whole life (a few experiments with lowlights not worth mentioning) but mostly stayed within the safe boundaries of sun kissed locked with lots of highlights. After I got back from Los Angeles feeling fresh and new and ready to start a new chapter, I ran over to my hair dresser and told him: “Let’s go! Let’s bleach it as much as we can!” Without a doubt, it was the boldest hair decision I have ever made.

Now that I’ve slowly adjusted to my new color and hair texture, I feel like I can properly advise you on what to expect. Let me tell you the 8 insider experiences you might want to know if you’re considering going platinum.

1. Get it done at a salon the first time. While I don’t doubt your DIY skills, this blonde job is not something that’s easily done. I highly suggest to leave the first big bleaching session to a professional hairstylist who can assess exactly how much bleach your hair and scalp can handle before and who will pick the right toner that won’t make it too ashy or too yellow. Getting the right shade is a delicate matter!

2. Wear a lot of monochrome and black. Black brings out your light hair and if you’re rocking the same shade as Pam Anderson (who I’ve been adoring lately though, love her short crop!) you’ll need all the added chic you can get. I find that black, grey, navy, burgundy, pastel pink and baby blue work best. And when I do wear color I stick with one tone.

3. You must embrace the roots. So yeah. If you’re totally neurotic about dark roots, this look isn’t your thing. (Although I’m kind of like that, it was the all white look that freaked me out. A bit of root makes it hot!) With platinum hair, you will have roots showing about 3 weeks in and there is no way you can retouch that often. Embrace the darkness and think of Blondie.

4. Avoid styling tools and heat. You have just done huge irreversible damage to your hair, remember? Putting heat on it is a guaranteed way to make matters worse. If you go and press it/curl it/iron it/blow dry it all the time, rest assured that you will have nothing but a short pixie cut left soon. Because I think my long platinum bob looks best wavy, I still use my iron sometimes (ssshhht!) but I’m looking in to non-heat rollers.

5. Stock up on hair masks and silver shampoo. Ever since I got my color, I use a heavy moisturizing mask every other time I wash my hair. (I’m not that loyal to any one brand, I test whatever I am sent or get my hands on in a higher segment). Next to a lot of conditioning, silver shampoo is key for upkeep of your platinum locks since it blocks the yellow tones.

6. Shorter hair is better (and happier). Less is more in this case, and platinum often looks more effortless and cool on shorter hair. Although I’m sure Linda Hogan is a kind spirit, it’s not someone you’d want as your hair twin. Navel length white hair: let’s pass on that one. It also means you’ll chop off the ends more often, and there is less dry, dead hair so platinum locks look a lot healthier in a short crop.

7. Go easy on the make-up. With hair this extreme, you’ll probably have to pull back on everything else. This means wearing natural make-up – or at least focussing on one aspect of the face to accentuate, like heavy brows, smokey eyes or deep red lips.

8. Attitude is everything! Nope, his look isn’t for the faint of heart. But isn’t that exactly what makes it cool? Sure, some people will be slightly in shock (here’s looking at you, mom), some will call you Marilyn Monroe (thanks!) and even you will need to get used to your new do. Platinum hair quite drastically changes your face. I avoided mirrors for the first two days, I simply couldn’t deal with it! Once I started to really own it, I noticed others loved it more too. As always, confidence and a carefree attitude are key to pull platinum off.

So these are my eight commandments for anyone looking to take the next blonde step! Although I’m not sure if I’ll go through the bleaching process again (I might just get a bunch of highlights, it’s so much healthier!) I’m happy to be super duper blonde. Hair is all about experimenting and speaking of which, can we take a moment to discuss how AWESOME Nicole Richie’s lavender hair is? Speed dialing hair dresser in 3, 2, 1…

photo by Karen

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    De kleur staat je super mooi!

    Mijn haar zit ook tegen wit-blond aan en ik heb een tip! In zilver shampoo zit geen verzorging en daarom gebruik ik NYCE Lavender Ice Dye Mask. Dit is een verzorgend masker met kleurpigment. Ik ben er erg tevreden over, een aanrader!

    Liefs Lian

    You look gorgeous! So gorgeous that I was considering skipping my plan to become a natural blonde again. I stopped coloring my hair about 2 month ago and it’s hard! But I’m determined to try – at least this summer. The last time I’ve seen my natural hair colors was about 10 (or more?) years ago. Anyway, I really like your style and maybe I’ll give it a try it if my natural color turns out to be … horrible. ;) Great post (as always!).
    Katharina // ktinka


    I love, love, love that you took the leap to platinum- live with it and keep it up for a few months before changing it- a lesson I learned a long time ago

    Ik hou van platinum haar maar het ziet er idd veel cooler uit met een beetje uitgroei. Hoewel het een aanslag op je haar is, ben ik van plan deze kleur nog wel een tijdje te behouden. Dit is grote liefe.


    Ik heb onlangs weer heel veel highlights laten zetten, en zit nu ook opgescheept met een bos droog stro, haha! Maarrr, met wat TLC weet ik er wel wat van te maken. Helaas kan ik het niet meer gewoon aan de lucht laten drogen, want dan ziet het er niet uit. Dus ik kan me voorstellen dat jouw haar nu ook High Maintainence is;)

    Maybe for me one day…

    Ik ben nog steeds aan het twijfelen, maar vind het echt onwijs gaaf! Bedankt voor je tips, ik twijfel nog ff verder ;) xx GIVEAWAY TIME

    Love it Yara!

    Platinum staat je ondanks alle schade wel heel mooi! :)

    loveyour new hair!

    I really do love your hair color. It’s perfect for you.

    Great advice! It makes me miss my super blonde hair. I used to have the same hair as you and loved it but gone more natural to make them healthy. Enjoy your hair.

    Je haar is prachtig!

    Super leuk om te lezen!

    Het staat je echt prachtig!

    Oh wat hou ik toch altijd van jou artikels!

    Pretty :) Love the hair!

    xx Elisa,
    My Fantabulous World

    After seeing your hair I’m seriously considering going platinum, so this is great advice Yara!
    Hugs xoxo

    I would suggest trying a LOT of highlights instead! In a very cool blonde tone. That gives a similar effect but is less drastic in terms of damage and roots showing : ) But it’s fun though, to totally bleach it ;)


    Ik heb ook lange tijd witblond haar gehad, en inderdaad door heel veel highlights. Mijn kapper deed het met een kam, dikke strepen waardoor het eigenlijk lijkt alsof je gewoon heel je haar hebt geverfd. Nu ben ik er na een paar jaar toch vanaf gestapt, want het is killing voor je haar. Maar wel prachtig. Overigens vind ik dat je voor sommige gelegenheden best een goede donkere rouge met wit haar kan combineren. En bordeaux rode lippenstift kan ook heel goed.
    Het staat je heel mooi.

    Ja, absoluut! Donkere lippen, of juist zware wenkbrauwen of een dikke eyeliner. Maar in de tekst staat dat ik het of naturel zou houden, of op één feature de nadruk zou leggen. Dus dan niet rode lippen met zware oogmake-up bijvoorbeeld :)

    your hair is perfect! thanks for the tips, I was considering getting lighter for the second time in my life, the first one was pretty much a disaster!

    I would love to have bleached white locks but my natural hair colour is dark brown….I tried lightening it (at a hairdresser’s salon) but it just ruined the texture of my hair…;((

    Love this colour on you:))

    Het staat je echt super! Bij mij zou het niet werken denk ik..

    Ik vind je haar prachtig zou het ook super graag zo willen alleen dan heb k geen haar meer op men hoofd men haar is heel breekbaar dus dat vind k wel jammer.. maar he highlights enzo helpen mij :P! Goeie tips geef je ook!

    Liefs Nora /

    Ik zou het zelf nog durven, maar oohhhhh het staat jou zo mooi!

    Je staat er super mee!

    LOVE, je haar is zo gaaf!! Ik wil het zelf graag, maar ik ben bang dat er niks meer van mijn haar overblijft..

    Ik zou dan in plaats van bleken gaan voor HEEL veel highlights. Veel minder schadelijk (nog steeds niet goed natuurlijk, maar toch) en geeft ook dit platinum effect.

    It looks totally amazing on you but I’m not the blonde type.

    xx Mira

    I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, but better on natural blondes. It’s the next trend, I’m pretty sure of that!
    Mafalda ❤

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