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Amsterdam I heart you

So this was a fun and unexpected morning that I absolutely loved. I woke up, my face all crumpled, my head heavy from a night with friends, my hair all messy (it’s so dry and damaged from my intense bleaching session that it stays in whatever direction I brush or do it in. Usually a good thing, not when you have a bedhead).

I plugged in some music, blindly got dressed in a massive jumper, some raggedy old jeans, Converse and my biggest sunglasses to hide behind and went for a walk. No purpose, and with hardly any other people on the street. Amsterdam gets ridiculously crowded on the weekends, so quiet moments are a rarity. This city is seriously beautiful when everyone sleeps and you look over the canals. It was a little cold, and I could sense the promise of a great summer in the city.

I got some croissants, a fresh juice and a coffee to go and just enjoyed the moment. As much as I miss Los Angeles sometimes, and a part of me is always restless and ready to wander the world, I am lucky to have a place this special to call home. Amsterdam, I heart you.

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    Beautiful pircure!!

    Amsterdam blijft geweldig! Al zou ik ook wel in LA willen wonen ;)

    Jaaa I love our hometown <3

    Over je haar: ik verf mijn haar al 5 jaar platinablond, en heb nooit last van droog haar! Ik gebruik een zilvershampoo én zilverconditioner van Tigi, misschien heb jij hier ook iets aan? Ze noemen het Violetshampoo van hun Fashionista-lijn.. :)


    Dank je voor de goede tip! Waar kan ik Tigi vinden, bij de gewone drogisterijen? :)

    Beautiful pic.

    I heart your city too. Actually, I think I left my heart in Amsterdam.
    Lived there for a few months while studying (I even emailed you about your fathers book in english)…
    Since I left Amsterdam back to Portugal I’ve visited it 2 more times, and every time I pass by the flower market to Spui I get a big knot in my throat, on one hand because I miss it like hell and on the other because I was so blessed to call Amsterdam and that area “home”, even of just for a while…

    Big kiss from Portugal****

    And the tourists in the weekend?!… God!!! :O

    I went on a three-week trip all over Europe last summer, 8 countries, 14 cities, or something crazy like that, and I have to say that Amsterdam was one city that I made a mental note to come back to one day because it was just so overwhelmingly beautiful. How lucky you are live in such a gorgeous place! xx

    That sounds like a spectacular trip! It’s such a special place, I agree :)

    sounds amazing. cant wait to visit amsterdam

    Looks like a beautiful city. I’d love to visit someday! xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

    Gorgeous picture!

    Mooi geschreven! Er gaat niets boven de Amsterdamse sfeer.

    amazing picture! can’t wait to go there someday!

    Coming from a small town and living in the city now I am enjoying it more and more. I totally understand what you feel!

    Breathe Me

    Ik hoop gauw eens naar Amsterdam te kunnen gaan. Ik ben er nog nooit geweest :)


    Looks like a great start of zhe day.. Just wandering around the city!

    It sounds like a wonderful morning! I really wanna visit Amsterdam one day :)


    Moooii! Zo herkenbaar :) Amsterdam is heerlijk!!

    X Annewil

    erg mooi!

    Ja, Amsterdam kan zo mooi zijn! X

    Oh, mooi :) even in een andere omgeving zijn kan goed doen maar thuis is en blijft toch het fijnst

    What a gorgeous photo!

    Sounds like you had an amazing morning. I love Amsterdam too!

    Het is ook zo’n mooie stad!

    Hele mooie foto zeg! En ook al is je nieuwe coupe zo droog, het staat je geweldig.. ik wil ook!

    Beautiful post<3 I feel you Amsterdam is amazing<3


    Mooi geschreven, en prachtige foto! Amsterdam blijft een geweldige stad.

    beautiful place

    Mooi hoor, Amsterdam is een prachtige stad!

    Jules x

    You need a special place like this if you ever want to have a chance of calming down that travel bug! I feel the same about Antwerp :)


    haha this is so funny, i took the exact same picture for my instagram !

    new post up,

    Prachtige foto en wat klinkt dat als een fijne ochtend zeg :) x

    Sounds like an amazing feeling! Sometimes those quite moments are the best. :)

    x Aurélie


    Wat een prachtige foto! En ik snap wat je bedoelt, als ik ‘s ochtend vroeg langs de grachten fiets heb ik precies hetzelfde. Amsterdam is prachtig :)


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