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A Friday motivation note

This note is something I’ve printed out and taped to my wall. Pretty much exactly like this Pinterest image, it’s a one-on-one pin copy! Today it reminds me to enjoy the process of reaching my goals and watching plans unfold, rather than feeling stressed because I am not there yet. One of my ‘struggles’ as an entrepreneur, is that I constantly find myself looking forward, rushing to make the next deadline or eager to set out bigger plans.

Now that I’ve been running my own business for five years, I feel that I can say with authority that it’s important to enjoy the process of reaching your goals, rather than only stressing out about specific results. So my personal tip this Friday is to enjoy the process and not just the result, because everything you are working for is coming together right now, and right before your eyes.

Life is what you make of it. Always has been, always will be!

photo via Pinterest

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