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Ready, set, curl! Easy six step wavy hair tutorial


Mastering one or two easy hairstyles that can be worn to various occasions is of big beauty importance. In my case, and long bob length, those would be a low messy bun and loose wavy curls. I teamed up with talented LA based hair artist Kelsey Zahn (26) for a super easy six step tutorial on what I would call ‘next day curls’. Kelsey cut my hair in to the long bob you all love and she mixes freelance fashion editorial work with video shoots and house calls with clients like myself.

We call this messy wavy bob ‘perfectly imperfect’. This look is great for when you don’t want your hair to be too ‘clean’ after just having washed it, and it can easily be transitioned in to different tyles on the second and third day, by twisting it in to a low bun or by loosely pinning a few strings of hair back. Inspired by our favorite fashionistas as Alexa Chung, Leandra Medine, and Nicole Richie – let’s break down this easy wavy look that you too (!) can master un under ten minutes.

1. Straight iron or curling wand. We use a flat iron with rounded edges. If you can’t adapt to that, do a curling wand (no curling iron, as it will give clip marks). The iron we use is by Sleek Heat and is 1,5 inch wide. We simply give the hair a half flip around it.  
2. Thermal protector.
 To protect your hair from the iron and blow dryer.
3. Sea salt spray.
I like this one by Toni & Guy.
4. Texturizing powder or spray.
We adore the Thickening Dryspun Finish formula by Bumble & Bumble which fits in between texturizing powder and dry shampoo – so it gives both texture and fullness. 
5. Hair spray.
Kelsey and I both adore the classic L’Oréal Elnett satin spray or the 
6. Serum (optional).
If you have thick, frizzy locks add a little bit of your favorite smoothing serum at step 1, before you add the sea salt spray.

Start with damp hair. Prep it with a thermal protector, then spray in a sea salt spray (it reacts best on slightly wet hair). Then power dry the hair until it’s completely dry. Divide the dry hair in to three sections: separate the first section at the temple, separate the second is at the top of the ears and then you’ll have a bottom section. Twist the top two layers up, so you can start at the bottom.

HOW MUCH HAIR TO TAKE: Use strings of hair that are about as thick as your straighteing iron. In our case: one-and-a-half inch. 
 Keep the iron at a vertical line or a slight angle – not horizontal. Take a section of hair and place the iron on that. We don’t start at the roots; instead you place the iron anywhere between your eye-line (never above that!) and the bottom of your ear.
HOW TO CURL: Instead of curling the string of hair all the way, we simply twist the iron backwards with half a rotation (so you make half a circle with your wrist). Do what feels natural; half a rotation is about as far as your wrist will naturally go. After that, don’t twist again, simply pull the iron down. This way the ends will be rather straight. Key of this look is that the bottoms and top aren’t curled, the movement is in the middle part of the hair.
CURLING AWAY AND TOWARDS THE FACE: For a nonchalant feel, mix curls that go away from your face and towards your face. We suggest doing sets of 2-1-2: two strings of hair curled away from your face, one going towards it, etc. And the locks in the front always get curled in a direction moving away from your face, for an open look.

Work from left to right or from right to left according to what feels natural. Repeat step 2 on the second layer of the hair.

Now we’re at the top section of the hair. Take your dry shampoo or texture spray (we suggest  Dryspun by Bumble & Bumble). Lift up some top sections of hair and spray evenly. Then spray a bit of hair spray for hold. After that – the spraying is a prep step – do a little bit of back-combing at the middle and back part of your scalp. So spray first, then back-comb, and then curl the top.

Let the curls cool off for a minute or two, then spray with your favorite hairspray. Just a light helmet for some hold, don’t spray any curls individually.

Get messy! Go through it and mess it up with your hands to make it fuzzily. Finish off with flipping your hair back – and perhaps add a slight bit of hairspray while you’re upside down. Ready, set, curled!

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