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Daily LA diary 12: meeting readers in LA

Meeting my readers is one of my favorite things in the WORLD. Seeing what awesome women you are makes me super proud. I love that some of you also come up to me in Los Angeles and wearing matching fluffy jackets absolutely adds to the fun ;)

It still puzzles me sometimes though, to get recognized, especially when it happens on the other side of the world. (I even had it happen on a deserted island in Asia once. Hands down the funniest story of my blogging life).

I mean, I was already totally coat-envying this girl as she wore a black furry Isabel Marant piece that I identified from afar. Next thing I know this sweet and awesome Marant-kled chick comes up to me to say that she’s been following what I do for years and how she likes reading my LA diaries because she just moved away and misses the city. (And now you’re in one Kelly!).

Please always feel encouraged and comfortable to come up to me, because interacting with you guys is why I do what I do! And I’m the one that’s reversed-starstruck – I’m always blown away by how sweet, intelligent, fashionable, cool and inspiring my readers and followers or fans are. Often I actually become so proud and excited that I start talking waaay too much. And I’ll probably end up cuddling you too.

Let's talk



    Wow Yara, it was wonderful to meet you, this is like the cherry on top!!! You were so sweet to talk to and even prettier in person. Looking forward to seeing you in LA again or somewhere else on the globe! xoxo

    Hi Kelly, ahhw, you’re the sweetest and it was so nice meeting you as well :) Hope you won’t miss LA too much! x


    great post again, i love your daily diary :)

    new post up,

    I would love to meet you someday too :)

    Toevallig dat jullie hetzelfde vest hadden! Super leuk :)

    Nice article :) I also always feel very pleased to have contact with my readers and other bloggers.

    Leuke foto!

    That’s so sweet! I’m in LA, and I’m hoping to bump into you one of these days. <3

    you are adorable!!

    partner look? pretty cute :)

    Het lijkt mij ook heel leuk als je een vaste bezoekster ontmoet, en zeker in het buitenland!

    Wat leuk dat je een van je lezers hebt ontmoet daar en dat jullie ook nog matchen!

    Ah what a cute picture!
    | |

    Small world…..matching jackets…you both have great style. x

    you look lovely!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

    Wat ontzettend leuk zeg!

    Ik geniet echt van je Diaries! Geweldig dat je ook daar je lezers ontmoet. Zo leuk dat jullie matchen :)


    I would love to meet you so much one day :’) :’) :’) You seem to be the coolest person ever <3

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