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Recently I found myself browsing in one of my favorite shops of all LA. It’s called Mohawk General Store, and it serves up the finest selection of on-point labels such as Acne, Equipment, Karen Walker, Jenni Kayne, ALC, Won Hundred and all that good stuff.

Being the ear jewelry hoarder that I am, I came to a quick halt at the jewelry display. My eyes were instantly drawn to yellow gold and rose gold staple studs, just like the ones I already wear in silver. I asked for the designer and she turned out to be an LA local called Kathleen Whitaker.

Flash forward to a few days later: I found myself in Kathleens’ design studio in the most dreamy home overlooking the city (with about a thousand stairs to get there). I admired all her dainty jewelry from up close and left with two pieces including this gold staple with a chain attached to it. I’ve ‘woven’ it through my second ear hole as a playful touch – because what else is the point of having so many holes? – and have been getting compliment after compliment.

So, long story short, what I currently wear, leaving one of my holes empty for balance.
1. Up top I wear my rose gold and genuine diamond ear piercing that I had done by one of my idols J. Colby Smith at NY Adorned.
2. The tiny bling is an (inexpensive) Swarovski stud
3. And then there’s the staple and chain by Kathleen Whitaker that I wear through two holes. Definitely check out her website and as I’m still compiling a wish list, I’m sure you’ll see more of her designs turn up in my ears soon.

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