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Sand and waves
Staying in LA 2

 I’ll admit that I’m not a major nature person. As much as I admire and appreciate all the stunning and thousand year old sights the world has to offer, I often don’t know what to do with myself! After a while I feel like I’ve seen waterfall X or nature park Y and I always mess things up when I’m in nature too. My car will break down, I’ll hit someone with a stick or fall off of something and kill a bunch of innocent bugs in the process.

To soak up all the beauty the world has to offer I prefer taking road trips and driving through deserts, forests, big cities and spooky ghost towns – keeping it moving, all the while having conversations about big things and little things, listening to good music or being quiet for a minute. (I swear I can! I actually love being on my own).

The one part of nature that I do feel in my element at, is at the beach. Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu have become my favorite hangouts for a quick break from the LA intensity. The calming sounds of the waves, the soft white sand and the warmth on my skin totally draws me in and make me feel totally carefree. A perfect side effect: a day at the beach is the best solution for my running-out-of-options travel wardrobe.


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