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Nails like the sky



Economists have argued that in times of crisis, women buy themselves less luxury products and will splurge on a lipstick. For me, my innocent-but-luxurious impulse treat is nail polish instead. Reading the latest magazines with a movie flickering in the background while catching up with friends and doing my nails, is such a nice way to relax and clear my head.

Chanel released this limited edition shade called Cosmic a few weeks ago, and it sure does insert some galactic magic in to my beauty cabinets. It reminds me of a clear midnight sky with shining stars and is dark yet grown-up and soft because of it’s little silver sparkles. I’m applying it on my fingers and toes right now – dripping in Chanel literally – and it’s just a little beauty tip for those who like the goth look of black nails but with a glam twist to it. What color are you currently obsessed with for your nails? Is it a burgundy, a vampy red, black or blue? Let me know in the comments.

photos by Karen van Duijvenbode

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    Gave kleur lijkt me dit!
    xx Stephanie (

    Looks so warm and cosy :)

    I love this nail polish! Plus, the sweater looks lovely xx

    This looks lovely :) I’m currently wearing a rather chipped looking black, but want to add a splash of colour next with a coral-y colour – I don’t care that it’s out of season :)

    beautiful shots!

    Hele mooie nagellak! Ik heb zelf twee lakjes van Chanel maar vind de kwaliteit wel heel slecht, zeker voor die prijs… Maar de kleuren zijn wel altijd erg mooi en bijzonder!

    liefs Mireille


    love the nail polish!

    Gorgeous color!

    Amazing color! I love doing my nails too ;)


    What a beautiful color! xx.

    Lately I can’t stop doing my nails in midnight blue, it’s very similar to yours but without that sparkle touch (which I’m not sure if I’d like it, I’m a super fan of neutral and matte but who knows!!).


    A matte black is gorgeous too! You could also use a matte topcoat on this one.


    I absolutely adore ‘mijt meets green’ by ANNY at the moment!

    I am deepy in love with burgundy and real dark black! :)


    Such a beautiful color, Chanel nailpolish is the best :)


    i’m currently wearing the shade white, it’s amazing

    Nice! I just had a manicure done in a shade called white cotton by Essie and it makes your hands look so fresh and tanned. Like it!

    Wauw! wat een mooie kleur, die komt ook op mijn wishlist!

    Currently I’m into matte nailpolishes. I was just in London where I bought some Barry M matte nailpolishes (black, burgundy and soft grey) and they are really good.
    I love doing my nails also, prepping everything before, sit on my couch/bed with a serie and just concentrate doing this well. That’s my “me” moment.

    Oeh, matte burgundy. Got to get me some of that.

    Great picture! My nails are either black or blue. It’s easy to wear and it isn’t a difficult color. :)

    what a beautiful color!

    Super mooie kleur nagellak. Helaas is het een limited edition.. dan zal hij wel nergens meer te krijgen zijn!!

    The colour is absolutely amazing!! I really love a burgundy that is so dark it looks black is certain light!! xo

    Mooi kleurtje!

    Obsessed with something else every week :) Love this color as well!

    That’s a great nailpolish. I can’t tell you a colour I’m currently obsessed with, but definitely a brand: Essie is my all time favourite. Lovely colours, very long-lasting. Just perfect! xx

    Supermooi! Ben er helemaal weg van!

    Lovely color!

    Zwarte nagellak is altijd favoriet, met een kleine speelse twist ben ik helemaal om.

    Michelle –

    Echt een prachtige kleur, helaas komt Chanel nagellak er bij mij altijd binnen minder dan een dag alweer vanaf :( xx

    Love the color!!!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

    Leuke kleurtje wel! Ik zou het zeker dragen ;)


    Heel mooie kleur! Lekker mysterieus!
    With love,


    | |

    that shade is amazing! x

    Wat een prachtige foto’s! Mooi kleurtje ook :)

    wow,that color is insane!


    Waaaauuuw, wat een prachtig kleurtje!



    Personal Style Blog http://WWW.REDREIDINGHOOD.COM

    I’m a bit of a Chanel Le Vernis addict – I have one whole draw full of them – this is a favourite & I’m still into Frenzy which goes great with the pastels I’m loving right now.
    Happy Friday Yara xoxo

    Love the colour of the nail polish, so gorgeous!

    Color looks great! Have you got a close up picture of your nails, for example on Instagram? Also, I have heard that Chanel polishes don’t last very long, that it chips within 3 days…have you had any problems with that?

    x Shanice

    I have that issue with most polishes actually… It often depends on the shade. Darker shades have more pigment in them and tend to chip more easily.

    Goedemorgen :)

    Klinkt als een hele toffe kleur en ziet er ook mooi uit.
    Ik ben op het moment in de ban van een donkerblauw. De ene keer de glanzende kleur en de andere keer een matte coat erover heen ;)

    Black and red has always been my go to colors for nail polish.

    Oh my, I’m really loving this colour! I need to wear dark polish more, it looks so elegant.
    I’m currently wearing all shades of red, from flaming red to burgundy to almost pink… It’s a classic and stylish shade, but I need some diversion :)

    X Sara

    That shade looks so cool. I’m into nudes right now :D

    xx Mira


    Hi Yara, I am loving your sweater (judging from the sleeves only, but, you know, a girl can tell…). Could you tell me which brand it is from? Thank you and keep up the good work :) I am really enjoying your blog. L.

    Hi Lilly,

    Of course! It’s from Zara and I got it a few winters back. Currently they sell a similar one and it’s on sale right now.


    Thanks – that’s perfect! I know what I’ll do in my lunch break…

    Who needs to eat when there’s shopping ;)

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