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I decided to stay in LA!

It’s the most impulsive thing I ever did: I didn’t board my flight home yesterday. I’ve decided to stay in Los Angeles for a month! This magical city has given me a massive boost of energy, new insights and new friends. Everyone I happen to come across is so welcoming, talented and on top of their game – you have to be to survive here! – and I keep meeting people with the coolest jobs that they’ve created for themselves. I’d love to introduce you to some of them on the blog! Until mid february I’l be house-sitting a new friends’ place in Silverlake – the cities hipster area, if you will – while he (Luc, a film producer and business owner) is out of town.

As a total America-lover, I’ve always had a dream of experiencing it as a local and soaking up the culture and lifestyle. I know many of you cherish that dream as well, so to give you a real, up-to-date insiders experience I’ll be keeping a daily LA diary on This chick’s got style from now until the day I leave. With short updates, snapshots and anything showing you exactly what life is like for a new girl out and about in America.

I hope you enjoy, and if there’s anything you want to see or know about my life in LA, let me know in the comments! x, Yara

Photo on the left by Marlena Pearl (more of our day shooting will be up soon!), photo on the right by Anna

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    Enjoy LA! For all its hipsters and traffic, Silver Lake is magical. Check out Lamill, Cafe Stella, Silver Lake Cheese Shop, Rockaway Records, STILL yoga (HIGHLY recommend Allison and Lucy’s classes,) and the reservoir. Also don’t miss Gelato Bar in Los Feliz. Have fun!

    Geweldig. Ik hou van dat soort spontane acties. Ben heel benieuwd naar al je avonturen:)


    Wow, that is amazing!! I hope you enjoy it!

    That’s so exciting, always dreamed of moving to a new country it would be so exciting! Have fun :) xx

    I have been following you for a few months now and I find you very fresh and laid back. I hope you enjoy your time in LA, I have never been there but everybody tells me it´s pretty cool. Make sure you learn as much as you can because a month flyes by very quickly.

    If you ever come down to Mexico let me know and I´ll give you a little tour! :)

    Ahw, thank you! It’s flying by so quickly already, so that’s a good reminder :) x

    Wow! It’s my absolute dream to live in LA – I would love to go to university there and live there! I am so jealous of you right now!

    Wow, gaaf en lekker impulsief! You go girl! Benieuwd naar je avonturen daar.

    Wow, gaaf en lekker impulsief! You go girl

    Wow that’s a pretty daring decision!
    Enjoy every minute. I used to move from one country to another every 6 months, and love the feeling of freedom that came with it.
    Have fun!

    Yara, I live in Silverlake and you will love it. There is so much to see in LA and I agree, we have to create our own workforce to survive. It’s a beautiful place full of hope and passion. I hope you enjoy it to its fullest extent!

    Welcome to LA!

    Thanks Silverlake neighbour! Love the way you describe your city :)

    u r lucky! i will look forward to reading your daily diary from LA. I am really curious and excited :)

    OMGoodness – I wished I had the courage to do something like this. Have an awesome time.

    What a cool and spontaneous thing to do. Enjoy it!! I wish I could do the same!! :-) Have fun!

    Wat gaaf en stoer zeg!

    Heel veel plezier nog, ik kijk heel erg uit naar je LA posts die nog gaan komen ;)


    Zóóóó badass dit. Niets meer dan onwijze respect en bewondering voor jou en deze beslissing! Heel veel plezier, geniet met 200% en ik kan niet wachten op alle diary’s! Liefs, Eva

    Louise Boyen

    Waaauw DE ideale kans om je eerste i,nk te nemen. Geniet van je american dream;
    x Louise

    Wow! How exciting. All the best and make the most of it x

    L.A, is so addicting, welcome to California!

    welcome to LA!

    wow that is so cool, good for you, I know how weird it can feel and cool at the same time, I wish I could do it one day, but not for a month, but for a year instead in New York

    A few months or a year in New York is one of my other big dreams. Let’s do this!

    Wat gaaf en dapper hoor! Geniet ervan!! xx

    EEEEK! This is so impulsive & fun! Have a wonderful time darling!


    So cool! Impulsive decision are usually the best ones!

    wauw! heeel erg gaaf! have fun!

    How exciting! Let’s grab some lunch sometime! Can show you around LA area and the hidden spots :).

    Beatrice Balaj

    How fabulous! I’m inspired by the way you totally just went with what felt right. So excited to meet some of your new friends….

    Heerlijk die vrijheid om dat te kunnen doen. Geniet ervan en ik benijd je enorm. Kom maar op met die diary!


    Wauw !! Wat super stoer !!
    Have fun !!

    Super leuk! Ben heel benieuwd naar al je avonturen!

    xx Riëlle

    OMG! Hoe vetttt! Enjoy it to the fullest!

    Wauw that’s amazing, can’t wait too see more of your LA posts.

    xo’ M


    Wow, great!

    New post on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

    wow, wish i could stay there for a while, too! have a wonderful time :)

    Miss T

    Wow, great decisision, you are not gonna regret that! Enjoy! Love to hear all about it!

    This is pretty crazy but SO cool! And I can totally understand; I’ve been to LA myself and thought very seriously about staying a little bit longer :) xx


    this is so awesome! your decision was surely a great one :)! good luck

    Oh wow, I’m a little jealous – enjoy the time, it’s a great opportunity!

    I think it’s the best decision you could have taken!! You must have felt so free.. :-) I wish to do the same when I visit Berlin back hahaha
    Enjoy a lot your time in LA and keep us posted!!


    That’s exactly how it felt!

    I think you made the right decision, can’t wait to read all about it :)

    Oh goodness, Yara, so happy for you and best decision ever!!! Can’t wait to go back to LA, and hoping for a little longer than a vacay like you’re up to now.
    I’d love to meet the inspiring entrepreneurs you’re meeting there – through your blogs.
    Enjoy every minute of it dear Yara!!
    XO Laura

    Can’t wait to share the experience and life here with you guys through my blogs! So thankful for all of your support, always! Love that we can go on this adventure together in a way :)

    What amazing! Enjoy :)

    It’s really cool that you stay longer in LA, enjoy and have fun!


    My Fantabulous World

    So brave! But I’m so happy for you.. (and a little jealous!) ;)
    Have a great time.

    Good call!! Have fun there. Can’t wait for all your LA posts. ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous


    I’ve just been in LA for the new years, so I’m looking forward to your daily posts! Enjoy!

    lucky girl! i hope you’ll have the best of times in LA! x

    Staying in L.A. for awhile is one of my dreams, so I think I’m going to read every single post. It would be interesting to know what kind of jobs a fashion blogger (with a small blog, not like yours) can get there.

    Wow, zo spannend! :D geniet van je extra tijd daar, ik kijk al uit naar de komende artikels!


    wow thats so cool.. but how can you manage that with your job?

    Wow wat gaaf dat je dit doet! Ik hoor ook bij degene die zo van Amerika houden.

    I look forward to reading all about your forthcoming adventures. x

    Oh, I’m so jealous, I’d love to being there with you!

    Wat gaaf, dat het ook gewoon kan! Kon ik dat maar, zomaar even beslissen dat ik er nog even een maandje achter zou kunnen plakken. Wat een heerlijk leventje! Geniet er van!

    Yara, I’m actually SOOOO happy for you right now! So insaneeee :D :D please post a million of pictures! i wanna leave my dream through you! best of luck and enjoy it :D can’t wait to see it all

    This comment makes me smile! I’ll post a little diary every day, just with some snapshots to keep you all posted and to show you what it’s really like. I hope you enjoy seeing LA through my eyes – and that you’ll get to experience that dream for yourself one day.

    So crazy, but I really know what you mean and why you did this. I’ve been to L.A. in summer and felt in love with it the second time. The weather, the people, the beach, the lifestyle. I really wish you a great time out there, have a lot of fun and take a lot of pictures. ;) Happy Sunday, Lali

    Wow, cool idea, have a nice time!


    Amazing! Have fun! Where is the dress in this post from?

    That’s amazing! I know how you’re feeling, when I visited LA I didn’t want to leave either.. Have a blast!
    Love, Rachel
    | |

    At first I thought you were joking! But I am happy to know that you found a place you like that much.Excited to see your next post about your one-month-stay!
    xx, Juliane


    I never comment but making such a bold decision screams for a first comment! Doing the unexpected will always get you to bigger and better places, enjoy the ride!

    Ahhwww, thank you for your first comment! It means so much reading your supportive thoughts!! Makes me feel like I have a bunch of dear friends with me here :)

    wow, that’s great! i would love to go to LA, too!

    WOOWW Hoe tof is dat! Dat dat ook zomaar kan met je werk enzo.. total envy! In a postive way hoor, volledig gegund. Heel heel heeeeel tof!


    How exciting, spontaneous decisions are often the best. Look forward to seeing your posts while you’re out there
    Mel x

    lol!… have fun hon!x

    Ohhh good for you!! I’ve always loved the States, but never LA in particular. Since your and Sabrina’s stories I’m so desperate to go there as well!! Enjoy your stay, girl! :)


    Those are often the best decisions, the ones taken impulsively because you know they’re right for you.
    I’m looking forward to reading your diary.


    Wat ontzettend gaaf!!! Geniet van de komende maand en ik kan niet wachten op alle posts :)


    Congrats, what a liberating choice! I hope you enjoy your time in LA. I’m heading there in 2 weeks so I’ll be checking in regularly to hear your recommendations on shopping destinations, cafes/restaurants and bars in particular xx

    I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to read more. I’m loving your photos and can’t wait to see where in LA you recommend visiting as I’ll be heading there in a few months. Have the best time!

    Alexandra xo

    Congratulations for making such a spontaneous and great decision :)
    It”s the first time ever, I comment on your blog, though I’ve been reading it for quite some time. Can’t wait for your LA Diary Post!

    What an impulsive, spur at the moment and brilliant decision! I’m looking forward to your updates. Have fun!

    that’s definitely the right decision if you feel like it! I once wanted to stay in Australia longer but didn’t do it – I’ve regretted it massively!

    That is crazy awesome!!! Enjoy LA!

    Great idea, soak in the city and enjoy the cool vibe:)))

    I’m so excitied for you! xx.

    Wat gaaf! Het lijkt me heel erg leuk om daar een maand te zijn. En ik ben erg benieuwd van je diaries! Geniet ervan
    xoxo Mireille

    That’s fantastic, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. I’m sure it’ll turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!
    Happy Sunday Yara xoxo

    ah so jealous! It’s so awesome, when you can go with the spur of the moment on decisions like this. I hope you’ll have the time of your life!

    xoxo, Peppi


    Ah, i’m happy for you! Nice that your dream came true :). Looking foward to the daily diary!

    great and crazy decision !!! enjoy it !

    This is SO exciting and you’re such a lucky gal!!! Looking forward to the daily updates :)

    Wauw, wat cool! Heel veel plezier de komende maand, en ik ben benieuwd naar alle updates :)

    Sounds really exciting. I’m glad for you :) I would like to know the interesting people you meet in LA also and places you’ll discover.

    wow, this is crazy!! i’m so happy for you and excited to see even more posts from LA ;))

    enjoy your time there and congratulations on taking such a good decision!

    xo tiphaine

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