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Daily LA diary 2: a never-ending jet lag

As I’m currently two weeks in to this trip, I figured I had it all down to a T. I know the cool coffee spots (Intelligentsia and Bottega Louie), the best lunch places (Urth Cafe and Forage) and bars (Teddy’s and Cha Cha) so I’m practically a local, no?

Well… not exactly. Because as much as I try to adapt to all things LA, my body is still in one time zone and my head is in another. Establishing a routine for eating healthy (as if I do that back home, who am I kidding here) and sleeping on time has been the biggest challenge so far.

With Skype meetings often planned at midnight LA time – when Europe is just getting started – I constantly find myself staying up until two or three at night. Now I’ve always been a night owl, getting by on too little sleep for as long as I can remember, so I thought I could easily manage. But as it turns out, to take on a new town you’ll need all the extra energy you can get. And a permanent sense of jet lag isn’t exactly helping.

After some internal debate (it must feel sooo good to doze off with just one tiny pill) I decided not to cave at the endlessly long isles of sleeping medication at CVS. Man, there’s a lot you can get without a receipt here. But it’s one thing to be addicted to ear piercings, sleeping pills is a whole other level. Instead I looked for a natural solution to combat my ‘issues’. Those being; under eye bags, a constant craving for high-calory foods and an overall sense of fatigue.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a big priority for many people here, so without even having to try I bumped in to a top-of-the-bill juice bar. Quite literally so too; their magic mixtures of slow juiced fruits and veggies range from nine to twelve dollars a bottle. All in the name of good health and cute package design though, so I’m taking all that’s left on my bank account there tomorrow. (My wild guess is that that will get me two-and-a-half smoothies. Oops). Designer vitamins, enzymes and minerals, I’m coming for ya.

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    You are sooo pretty!


    Hi yara, wat een prachtsmile! Natuurlijk wit of bleaching? Indien het tweede: welke methode laat je toepassen of raad je aan? Thx!

    That hair! Want! Superleuk om je avonturen te volgen via deze diaries; keep them coming :)

    Love your hair!

    Leuk dat dagboek!

    Wow, wat ontzettend gaaf dat je dit gedaan hebt! Ik heb er zelf ook altijd van gedroomd om zoiets te doen, maar – je kent het – het komt er gewoon niet van. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar al je updates. Heel veel plezier! X


    Oke, ik ben hooked. Ik wil méééér lezen! Zoooo leuk allemaal! Kan niet wachten op 16.00 uur :D

    Wat super om te horen! Ik probeer nu nog meer foto’s te maken van wat ik allemaal meemaak, zodat je het vooral in beeld kunt volgen. De nieuwe diary staat alweer ingepland voor straks!

    Als je verzoekposts hebt, met bepaalde thema’s of foto’s of verhalen, let me know!

    I know right?! They’re so fit and healthy there, that you’re forced to keep up. But it’s not a bad thing!

    You’re still looking quite chic!

    Lijkt me heerlijk om nu in LA te zijn! Ben zeker benieuwd naar wat je nog meer mee gaat maken daar :)

    You look great! Enjoy :)


    lovely! What camera do you use!! i’m very curious

    new post up!

    Wauw, lijkt me zo fantastisch om LA te bezoeken. Ik kan niet wachten tot ik de vrijheid heb om rond te reizen!
    (Die vijf continenten zullen moeten worden bezocht)

    You look beautiful no matter what! I love fresh juices and I need to have at least one a day!

    Lijkt me heerlijk om nu in LA te zijn, even weg van de Nederlandse kou..
    Love, Rachel
    | |

    Ongelofelijk hoe FIJN het is om ergens warms te zijn. Maakt je meteen al zo veel gelukkiger :)

    Well your looking great on little sleep..xx


    Really L.O.V.E. your Diaries!!

    Awh, ik hoop dat je snel van die jetlag af bent! Toch ben ik héél jaleors op je! LA lijkt me zo gaaf! Wel handig dat healthy daar zo hoog in het vaandel staat en je dus niet lang hoeft te zoeken naar gezonde alternatieven ;)



    Personal Style Blog http://WWW.REDREIDINGHOOD.COM

    New beginnings always take a while to get used to– but I’m sure it’s super fun as well! Good look on the continued adventure! And thanks for posting about it! :)

    Great to hear you like the little diaries! There’s a new one on every day at 16.00 Dutch time :) I love keeping in touch with you all in a quick and real way like this :)

    so so, enjoy it babe !! and you still look damn nice :)

    Nice photo and so interesting to hear something about your experiences in that town..

    You still look great though! I’m really enjoying your daily diaries, have a good time! :)

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