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New beauty favorites from LA
Beauty Yara

My heart and my credit card bill will always hold a special place for clothes, bags and shoes. But as you might know, I am a massive beauty junkie too. I follow beauty blogs closely, watch YouTubers compare blending brushes like it’s nobody’s business and try to follow make-up artists’ techniques closely whenever I’m getting beautified for a shoot.

America is my favorite for cosmetics, just as France is for skin care. The stores here carry such a great variety of brands and products here are put together with the most advanced technologies, the most intense pigments and are then tied together with cute packaging, laugh-out-loud names and limited edition collections. On this trip I experienced Smashbox for the first time because I worked with their talented make-up artists. It turned me in to a religious user of the Halo highlighter; a liquid substance that gives a pearly, healthy glow. More info on that soon.

MAYBELLINE illegal length mascara. To lengthen my lashes at an affordable price, Maybelline is a long term favorite. This mascara is about length first and foremost, but that means you get to layer to get the volume you desire.
SMASHBOX Smoke Box is a palette that’s all about easy-to-create smoldering eyes. I am blown away by how pigmented these shades are, one swipe with the brush is enough to cover an entire eyelid. They just released a bigger version packed with anything from highlighters to neutrals to shimmery dark tones called the Full Exposure Palette that I simply must try out.
M.A.C Mineralize blush in Lured to loveThis is the one exception in this post; a product from a US brand but that I took with me from Amsterdam. This peachy pink works wonders with my pale skin. I also picked up my ultimate budget product: the WET ‘N WILD blush in Pearlescent pink.
MAKE UP FOREVER foundation and concealer. MUF is my go-to brand for skin cosmetics because of it’s covering yet soft finishes, wide range of light shades and skin protecting properties. I’ve been wearing the Liquid Lift Foundation in #10 for over a year and now got the Full Cover concealer in #5 to match. That one is waterproof so it doesn’t move on the skin, and I apply it before foundation.
SMASHBOX lipsticks in Legendary and Fuchsia Flash. The one not pictured (because it’s always in my bag!) is Primrose. A is a natural nude pink that makes you look like you’ve just been kissed.

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